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LG India's E-commerce Site

Display LG's products in a user-friendly manner. Connect the online store in real time with LG's network of brand stores via their ERP.

Unique Features
  • Responsive, user-friendly and appealing design complementing LG's global brand identity
  • Hybrid model where customers can have the products either shipped to their homes or pick up from the nearest LG store

CS-Cart, PHP, MySQL, SMS gateway, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3

Learning & Creativity – Your own world for discussing, sharing and promoting creativity

To create a dynamic online space for sharing visual and text content related to creative fields including literature, movies, photography, etc

Unique Features

A smooth flowing navigation and display that neatly displays the large number content categories in the site along with their latest updates


WordPress, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3

Snap Analytx – Share your prediction models with the world

To position a start-up as an exciting, new space for sharing big data, especially in a market dominated by IT mammoths like IBM, Oracle and Microsoft.

Unique Features

Sample big data seamlessly integrated into responsive website with real time data calling from remote server.


Advanced jQuery, Responsive design, HTML5, CSS3

Sound Oasis – E-commerce site for sleep therapy machines, sound cards and downloadable sounds

Enable purchase of both physical products and sound downloads, integrate with NetSuite cloud business software suite.

Unique Features
  • Download 8 hour gapless sounds
  • Soothing creative and colors

PHP, MySQL, NetSuite, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, WordPress for blog

BMR Advisors – Leading Tax, Risk and M&A advisory for businesses

Create corporate site for online presence, information sharing and branding of BMR.

Unique Features

Customized WYSIWYG editor that enables easy news and newsletter updates from various departments of BMR Advisors


PHP, MySQL, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3

Platinume Puffs – E-commerce site for online sales of e-hookah and e-cigs

Strategically position a new entrant in the cluttered and health conscious market of alternative smoking products.

Unique Features

Implement an easy-to-use option for users to add their product reviews and share on social media. Also, allow site administrator to share user reviews in social media.


CS-Cart, Authorise.net payment gateway, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3

SVPRX – A leading Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy

To present a technical website geared towards veterinary doctors via an appealing and user-friendly design.

Unique Features

Allowing veterinarians to order prescription drugs from the website that connects seamlessly with the custom ERP application of SVPRX.


.NET, SQL, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3

Red Letter Everyday – A vibrant magazine on exercise, fashion, beauty and nutrition

Make an online nutrition and wellness magazine stand out amid the crowd of similar and established magazines.

Unique Features

The best features of WordPress fully utilized to present dynamic, illustrated content in a user-friendly and appealing manner.


WordPress, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3

Nutrition Expert – Official Site Of America's Nutrition Expert

Position Mitzi Dulan, a highly sought after nutritionist as America’s leading nutrition expert.

Unique Features

An appealing, eye-catching design along with an interactive feature to allow users to earn social media points and win free book bonuses.


Customized WordPress, jQuery, Responsive Design, HTML5, CSS3.

What People Say!
Thank you Wisitech!!!
Yvette Quantz, owner Customized Nutrition Newsletters and Foodspiration appreciates Wisitech for the tenacity to find solutions and thorough and professional work that has given her business a new constructive direction.
Yvette Quantz, RD, CSSD, LDN
Customized Nutrition Newsletters
Louisiana, USA
Wisitech Client - Tom Cramer
Tom Cramer
Founder & CEO,
Wisie, Inc.
Georgia, USA
Your partner in success

"Over the last three years, I have engaged Wisitech to design and build 5 web sites for my two companies with a total of 6,000+ hours of custom programming. Partho and his team have done an outstanding job in exceeding my expectations. I highly value the entire Wisitech company and team because:

They add value in everything that they do for me. An example of that is when I submit specifications to them, they always suggest ideas and better ways of doing things.
They treat the business as a true extension of my company.
They really care about the quality of their ideas and work.
The company experiences very low turnover, which means there has been very little degradation in production throughput due to turnover which I know is a big problem globally for the web development industry.

When you engage the Wisitech team, they become your partner in success."

Wisitech Client - Dr Janet Brill
Dr Janet Brill
Nutritionist, Award-Winning Author, Go Red Spokesperson, Owner Calories, Inc., Pennsylvania, USA
Wisitech has increased my "brand" and recognition

"I just want you to know how thrilled I am with you and your company. Thank you so much for your expertise...you have increased my "brand" and recognition immeasurably and for that I am eternally grateful!

P.S. I LOVE how you added the interview word to my head shot; the MANAGE YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE and my photo to the Lifetime clip and all the products in a line...truly the best web designers on the web!"

Wisitech Client - Shelly Marie Redmond
Shelly Marie Redmond
Editor In Chief/CEO
College Lifestyles
Louisiana, USA
Exceeding our expectations

Working with Partho and the team of Wisitech has changed the entire landscape of our organization. We bring to Partho and his team our goals and visions, and the team has delivered above and beyond the expectations of putting our goals and visions into action.

The team is very effective and efficient. I know questions will be answered and work will be completed in a timely fashion.

Wisitech Client - Gunnar Fox
Gunnar Fox
Founder & CEO
KAM Publishing
Texas, USA
Your success is Wisitech's success

I do not expect to work with anyone other than Partho as long as I am in business. His team's command of web design, graphic design, SEO, and all of the hidden pieces that make a great web site is astonishing. I have never encountered anyone who knows so much about the way the Internet works, and how to make money with it.

If you are anything like me, you have kissed a lot of frogs before finding the right vendors. It is saddest of all when you actually think you have been working with web development princes only to discover (after unraveling their crap code, or otherwise recognizing that they permitted you to make dumb decisions because they simply didn't know or care enough to tell you otherwise) that you have STILL been in the frog-kissing business all along.

If you work with Partho, ROI is king. Your success is his success. You'll be using him and his vast team of hand-picked web gurus exclusively. Your project will be well-staffed -- no B.S. about limited resources, no excuses.

I am a workaholic and these guys outpace me (a first). Did I mention his pricing? Holy cow! Best value on the web.

Wisitech Client - Tammy Beilstein
Tammy Beilstein
Owner Arnella's Bridal
Pennsylvania, USA
Shown the highest ethical standards in the industry

Partho and his staff are not only professional, cooperative and knowledgeable, but have exhibited the highest ethical standards in the industry which was of utmost importance to me.

I have never had to wait on any question, website change or enhancement that I have requested. They continue to achieve the goals as promised and have also done work above and beyond what was contracted.


Thank you Wisitech!!!

Yvette Quantz, owner Customized Nutrition Newsletters and Foodspiration appreciates Wisitech for the tenacity to find solutions and thorough and professional work that has given her business a new constructive direction.

Yvette Quantz, RD, CSSD, LDN
Customized Nutrition Newsletters
Louisiana, USA
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