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10 Hottest UX Design Trends of 2020

November 15, 2019 |

The mobile app universe is one of the fastest changing technological aspects in the world right now. With all the new updates, interfaces, and design elements, the user experience design, or as it is more commonly known, the UX design, is an ever-evolving feature that plays a significant role in any app’s overall performance and user-friendliness. To be a successful UI UX designer, the first and foremost requirement is to observe the latest trends keenly and adopt them into your skills accordingly. Build familiarity with all the current on-going trends and know what works and what not before beginning with your own project. ux ui design company To help you stay in sync with the latest updates, here are 10 hottest UX design trends that garnered popularity in 2018. Have a look around and you might get some ideas to implement in your projects too:

Emphasis on gesture-based interactions

Recently, all touch screen interactions on both Android and iOS phones have also included the home button interface. Since the launch of Apple iPhone X, instead of a physical Home button, the phones now have a gesture-based Home menu. This surely means that designers will have to implement gesture-based features in their UX designing.

Frameless visibility experience

Since the unveiling of iPhoneX and Samsung Galaxy S8, the frameless design has emerged as one of the most demanded trends. Now as the users have phones with more screen space, they want to experience the full-screen experience and the UX designers have to work on the projects keeping it in mind.

Age of short-format video clips

Nothing captures the attention better than a video clip. Be it news, music, event or any other kind of information, it’s a hip idea to include a short-format video clip in the design. It does not take more than a few seconds of user time and thus catch on quickly. Formats like 360° videos, quick craft videos, quick tips videos, short talk videos and Facebook Live are some of the best examples of video format inclusion in UX design.

Features of Chatbot

Chatbots evolved from an experimental AI interface to a fully functional online assistance. Not only do they save time for both the customer and the business but are more precise. Every input is recorded as a feedback that helps with improving the business. As a successful UX designer, using chatbot feature in your project can boost your client’s business and hence, would strengthen your reputation in the industry.

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Upgraded personalized content

This is the time when an average phone user likes to find things like restaurants, hotels, cabs, gas stations, etc. around himself without going through the hassle of entering his specific location. As an efficient UX designer, your design should have the feature of the tailored user interface so that people can rely on it without having any kind of doubt.

Enabling cashless payment

The number of people using cashless payment feature for various kind of payments has increased significantly in 2018 when compared to that of the previous year. Therefore, it would only be a good idea to include the cashless payment feature in the app design as it will enable users to make the payments directly from the app instead of going to the payment app repeatedly.

User navigation simplification

A step-wise UX design with a beginning, middle, and end interface is always easy to adapt to and encourages the users to use the app. Similarly, using progressive disclosure technique where an information or action is only visible on the screen when the user needs it has emerged as a popular UX design element. Less cluttered content Providing information regarding the kind of product or service offered by the app is undoubtedly important. However, it doesn’t mean you need to put a lot of content in the details section. Over cluttered content explaining any product or service is no more trendy. On the other hand, it is disconcerting to the user and they lose interest in the app. As a good UX design practice, you must keep the content less and precise.

Sectionalized color themes

Importance of color themes in UX design is one of the primary elements that need to be done right in order to make sure that the app in worthy enough to be downloaded by the targeted users. The latest trend in color schemes has been the use of vibrant colors for different notifications and menu options that make the app more visually appealing.

The emergence of augmented reality/virtual reality

One of the important UX UI design element that emerged in 2018 is augmented reality/virtual reality (UR/VR). Though this technology is not exactly new, it started to see a lot of UI design based implementations only recently. Besides its entertainment aspects (Snapchat filters and video games like Pokemon GO), AR/VR also helps with several real-life problems like the AR Measure that lets you measure objects without using a physical measurement tape or scale. A lot of experimental UX design elements were explored this year and the one’s that earned customer attention and preference are going to be around for some time. When it comes to analyzing and implementing the precise UX/UI design elements in your website, our team at Wisitech that consists of skilled Web and UX/UI designers knows how different design themes and aspects can be utilized and implemented in best way possible. No matter if it is homepage design -related query or any other color theme based issue, Wisitech is one of the best UI UX design company in India, USA, Canada.

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