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10 Principles of Good Website Design

January 10, 2022 |
10 Principles of Good Website Design Once Steve Jobs quoted “Design is not what it feels or looks like, design is rather how it works”. The success or failure of a website is determined by its usability and functionality, and not by its visual design. User-centric design has become a common strategy for effective and profit-oriented web design because the visitor of the page is the only one who navigates around the website and thus decides everything. After all, if a feature isn’t usable, it may not even exist. So, what are the characteristics of good web design? The top 10 principles to make good web design concepts that will make your website visually appealing, engaging, simple to use, and productive are discussed below:

1. Innovative Design

Creative use of design components and whitespace offers a less disruptive and more innovative design that directs users to the desired destination. A website with a simple, clean design that is surrounded by whitespace is more effective.
Innovative Website Design

2. Opt for Simplicity

Simplicity is the key to a successful web design. A simple, modern design not only makes the website quicker to use, but also has more engaging features that will endure the test of time.

3. Functionality and Usability

Each decision in website design should be based on functionality and usability. Every link must work quickly, and call to action buttons must be placed correctly so that the visitor has to spend as little effort as possible to proceed to the next step.

4. Correct Content

Every website’s content style should be customized to the interests and browsing activities of its users. Talk business, cute or promotional languages would be skipped. Write clear and precise content.
Website Content Development

5. Exposure Main Features

Modern web designs expose main features into large buttons or easy steps as 1-2-3, which is often criticized. But, actually, it benefits the user by showing the main usability of the pages making the website user-friendly.

6. Design to Appeal

There is a specific set of users targeted by every business. Your website should be designed with such aesthetic appeal that it should specifically target the market that you what to reach and convert them into buyers.

7. Using the Right Fonts

Each website should be easily readable for the users and the most preferred font style is Verdana or Arial. These styles are easy to read when you are online with the ideal font size to make reading easy is 16px.

8. Mobile Friendly

It has become very popular to access websites from varieties of different devices and screen sizes. Everyone has a mobile phone handy and getting a mobile-friendly website will only add up to hits on your web pages and conversion of users into buyers.

9. Lower Loading Time

Waiting is hated by everyone; if you are trying to find answers to your needs on a website that is slow and takes time to load then you are losing potential customers. Make sure that the website is optimized with the right CSS or Javascript file to reduce the loading time for pages.

10. TETO-Test Early, Test Often

The TETO concept should be implemented in every web design project since usability tests frequently provide critical insights into major problems and challenges. Visitors will find your website more interesting, informative, and distinctive if you follow these web design principles. Do you have a website that needs to be optimized and made to a new responsive website? Perhaps you’re planning a website and want to start from the ground up with the design. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Wisitech technical experts for a free 30 minutes consultation for project ideas and build a user-friendly responsive website for your business.10 Principles of Good Website Design

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