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10 Reasons Why Laravel Is The Best PHP Framework

March 16, 2020 |
laravel web development company PHP has been one of the oldest amongst the web development languages and Laravel one of its most popular frameworks. It is a free open source framework for web development. Laravel is an advanced alternative to quite a few other open-source PHP frameworks available. If you plan to get your website developed, you can hire a dedicated Laravel developer for the same. But why choose Laravel in the first place? Laravel website development comes with a good number of benefits. We give you 10 reasons why it is good and which is also why a good Laravel web development company will recommend this particular framework.

Feature Rich

This framework comes with a number of features that make it easy to work with. Some of its features include overloading capabilities, strong encryption package, out of the box functionality, performance and scalability. This framework is easy for a Laravel development company to work with too. Better caching, authentication, sessions, and routing make it the perfect option for a data-driven application.

Can handle Complex Web Applications

The popularity of this framework can be largely attributed to the fact that it can handle complex applications in a relatively easier manner.

Better Speed and Security

Laravel is better when it comes to speed and security as compared to some other frameworks.

Simplified Development Process

Laravel simplifies the development process by cutting down the complexity of simple tasks, like sessions, queuing, routing, and authentication.

Object Oriented Libraries

This is available only with Laravel and provides advanced features such as checking of active users, encryption, hashing, resetting the password, etc.

MVC Support

The Model, View, Controller (MVC) based pattern is completely object-oriented. It improves the overall performance as it ensures a clear view presentation and logic.


Laravel comes with advanced security features. The passwords are never saved in plain text formats but are hashed and salted. Laravel also uses SQL statements that are predefined. This eliminates the possibility of any injection attacks.

Database Migration

This is another reason why this is the preferred framework. You can migrate the changes easily to other development machines.


This built in tool offered by Laravel ensures that the tedious and repetitive programming tasks are not required to be done manually. Besides, this feature can also accommodate new custom commands to further extend the capabilities and functionality.

Blade Template Engine

Laravel comes with the Blade Template Engine which is an in built feature. This template combines several templates with the data model in order to create resulting views. The templates are converted into cached PHP code which results in better performance. This template also provides a set of control structures like loops and conditional statements that are mapped internally to their respective PHP counterparts. These are just some of the many features that make this particular framework the most preferred of all. Laravel framework is packed with features that suit almost all kinds of web applications, be it small or bigger enterprise level ones. There are a number of built-in functionalities that make the job of a Laravel development company much easier. These functions and features of Laravel have taken it to the top of quite a few Best PHP Framework lists for 2020.Laravel Development Company

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