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10 Things to Consider When Planning a Responsive Website Design or Re-design

June 28, 2022 | Wisitech InfoSolutions 10 Things to Consider When Planning a Responsive Website Design or Re-design

Even a few years ago, the search engine giant Google came up with algorithms that changed search results on mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. It was an effort to alter the best practices for web design, including mobile usability and display. As a result, many organizations made their websites more responsive. It means having the ability to be accessible on mobile phones and tablets of different sizes. 

Today, most B2B users want the organizations they interact with should offer the same experience on their websites as e-commerce giants, such as Walmart and Amazon. It has been a shift towards direct-to-consumer selling, and one more reason why websites should be responsive. It is always better to opt for a reputed responsive website design company to get top-notch services. 

Here are the ten things to consider while planning the design or re-design of a responsive website:

1. Who Are Your Target Audiences?

Many non-profits feel everyone is their target audience. However, it is impossible to design a website with everybody in mind. After all, there are innumerable varieties of computing devices, clothes, cars, cosmetics, etc. If you identify and design for a couple of your top audiences, the website can achieve the business goals more easily.

2. Purpose of The Website

Similar to an organization’s mission statement, the purpose of a website is the primary reason for its existence. Whether for service provision, advocacy, education, or community organizing, a website’s purpose will eventually determine content and design decisions.

3. Mobile-Friendly, Responsible Design

What is a responsive website? It means a website’s design automatically resizes to accommodate the monitor size of the device where a user views it. However, it may be an arduous task to retrofit a website with responsiveness if it already exists. Gone are those days when there used to be two separate websites–one for viewing it on mobile devices and the other for viewing on the desktop or laptop screens.

4. Objectives of the Website

You have certainly set up objectives as part of the strategic plan for your organization. Similarly, your website should highlight its fundamental goals. Make sure you re-visit the objectives of your website during the content creation and design processes. Do so to ensure that the goals are being accomplished.

5. Content Should Be Engaging

It is a fact that most people read just 20 to 28 percent of the text on any web page. Therefore, we must have a proper shift and include plenty of images, the use of multimedia, and shorter text blocks on our websites. The most attractive about non-text content today is that you should just have a smartphone to create your video content and photo.

6. Content Has To Be Fresh

Think what would happen if museums always display the same exhibits. Would you then like to return to see the same exhibits? People return to museums again and again because of new programming and exhibits as everyone likes to see new items. Similarly, people return to a website when they are familiar there will be a change in the site content. It is better to work on a proper content strategy for the website to make sure that people continue to come back.

7. SEO or Search Engine Optimization

Most web users begin their online experience by using a search engine. It also means that we should optimize the website for search. There are many such businesses that do only SEO. Their services may be beyond what the non-profits can afford. The good news is that there are many such SEO tasks you can Do-It-Yourself.

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8. Features

These are the elements to make a website interesting and dynamic. Some popular features are online forms, donation buttons, online quizzes, embedded podcasts or video. Other user-friendly features are social media integration/buttons, online quizzes, and widgets and gadgets.

9. Easy Accessibility

All websites should be easily accessible if their designers and owners want more people to visit them. If a website is not easily accessible, users would be quick to switch over to your competitor’s websites.

10. Maintenance of Website

Two main expenses related with the design of a website are the cost of designing it and ongoing and development costs for site maintenance. Website design is usually a lump sum expense. It is imperative to think about your website maintenance in advance. Also, determine the staff member(s) who should look after the task of site maintenance after its launch

Are you looking for quality, responsive web design services? Always opt for the best responsive web design services in USA to get what you want. Wisitech offers excellent web design services to engage with your target audience for various devices, ranging from personal computers to smartphones. We have delivered hundreds of bug-free projects for startups, non-profits, and established companies. 

10 Things to Consider When Planning a Responsive Website Design or Re-design

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