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12 tips to create good quality web content

June 12, 2008 | Wisitech InfoSolutions
Compelling and relevant content is a must in a website which aims to attract more visitors and better business. By visitor, I mean not just any visitor, but the specifically the visitors who are actually looking for what you’re offering.

To make this happen, your website needs to have focused content laid out in reader friendly format and containing, in just the right density, the most searched for keywords pertaining to your area of business.

Let’s now discuss the elements of good web content.

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What Makes Good Web Content?

Ask yourself why you visit a particular site repeatedly. Why do you come back to it again and again?
The likely answer is, its content gives you precise and relevant information through quality articles, tutorials, tips, etc., just the way you want it. Sites which usually top the list in terms of visitors have, in their content, the following things in common:

•    They offer unique and useful information.
•    Have proper placement of keywords in right density
•    Contain links to other pages of the website.
•    Are well written in user friendly style and format. They do not have grammatical errors. The text is also broken up       in shorter sentences, easier words, more  paragraphs, and bulleted points wherever necessary.
•    They talk directly to the reader, involving him/her in the discussion.
•    Encourage scanning by readers – have meaningful headlines and subheadings
•    Are updated quite often.

Remember that readers on the Web are an impatient lot. They are always in a hurry to get the information. To attract visitors and to retain them you can use the following tips to create good quality content.

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How to create catchy content

To make an impact on the viewer’s mind, a copy should be crisp, subtle, interesting and most importantly meaningful. Following tips on writing for the web can help a lot to achieve this goal:

1.    Use of short sentences, words and paragraphs
2.    Proper placement of keywords and in proper ratio
3.    Use of related terms for a particular keyword
4.    Instead of using bombastic words, use simple words
5.    A paragraph should have only one idea
6.    The overall write-up should be crisp and concise
7.    Follow the inverted pyramid style, where you need to put the most important point in  the lead paragraph itself.
8.    It is better to use objective language to build credibility, rather than using words like “great”, “tremendous” etc
9.    Use bulleted points
10.  Highlight text for better scan ability
11.  Use meaningful headlines and subheadings
12.   Avoid using clever lines or sentences that can have dual meanings.

These are just general guidelines for writing quality Web content. It’s not something that most people can master overnight, so give yourself some time, practice a lot, read a LOT, and always put yourself in your Web site visitor’s place to make your site as user-friendly as possible.

Param Shobhit
Team Leader – Web Content

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