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Surviving COVID-19 Lockdown – 3 Essential Cheat Sheets for Digital Transformation

April 16, 2020 |
The COVID-19 pandemic is rewriting the way businesses operate. There is a new emerging need for digital transformation for businesses. How to go about it is the question? Quite obviously, when production is paused and there is no shipping, marketing does not make sense. Because how do you supply even if you get orders other than deferring them for a later date? But on the same anvil, it is a time when the major part of the world is working online. Hence, making your presence or visibility noticed online becomes all the more important for brand building and corporate identity. COVID-19 is actually overhauling the way we work or even think. And yes, it has certainly changed fortunes. While many companies are suffering huge losses due to the lockdown, there are a few that are witnessing incredible demand. Simply said, if you are producing sanitizer, you are probably swimming in it. What if you are in a business that is in high demand or the need has not subsided of your product? Are you catering efficiently to the changed scenario in the best manner?
cheat sheet for digital transformation

Prepare your ecommerce store for COVID-19 challenges


How do you utilize this period? It is the time to put the house in order. It is the time to tick off must-dos in this checklist for digital transformation:
  1. Upgrade and reposition your online store for services and products.
  2. Give your online showcase a facelift
  3. Upgrade your Website SEO
  4. Move data sharing to the Cloud
  5. Move work and project management to an online platform.
  6. Ramp up your online admin backend to manage inventory, orders, shipping and sales efficiently
  7. Add modules to your ecommerce admin to manage reports, analytics, vendors/customers
  8. Upgrade your product management modules to efficiently present your products and reflect any updates in real time
  9. Build or upgrade your App or Web App to accurately reflect all your website updates in real time
  10. Get the latest encryption and SSL certificates
Is your website geared for the new challenges? More importantly, is your web consultant equipped to guide you through in this urgent need for digital transformation?


Consulting on digital solutions requires a high level of skills, expertise and experience. Here, we need more of a comprehensive 360 degree view of the current scenario, the latest technologies, the newest user expectations and of course, an in depth knowledge of the boundaries your website or app can touch or cross. Tick off these must-haves in your digital solutions consultant before you embark on your digital transformation. Your consultant must:
  1. Ask you the right questions about your business objectives and goals as the first step
  2. Understand your target audience
  3. Provide an authentic and accurate audit of your current state of website / ecommerce / app
  4. Understands what your customers want, provides blueprints and exact-fit solutions?
  5. Have cross-functional good business, design, and development competency?
  6. Consult you on design and functionalities geared towards conversion rate optimization (CRO)?
  7. Map out the complete flowchart for your website or app that details the synchronized features and functionalities brick by brick
  8. Suggest intuitive features and functions your shoppers will expect (key areas being easy navigation; site search; product sorting and filtering; multiple payment options; single-page checkout; order tracking, etc)?
  9. Offers fast communication and quick response to your queries?
  10. Can provide testimonials and references that speak of the solutions offered?

Once you have the blueprint ready, it is time to choose your designer and developer. If your consultant can offer these services, its easier because your consultant already knows what is required and you don’t need to explain it all over again.

digital transformation for app

Get your app ready for the digital transformation required for the new way of doing business

Whether you hunt for a new designer and developer to outsource or you get your existing developer to work on the new plan, make sure you tick off these must-haves before you start:


Now here’s a checklist to help you choose your web & app developer. Tick off these must-haves when you opt for revamping or redesigning your website or app. Does your web or app developer:
  1. Develop clean code that loads websites fast and conforms to world standards?
  2. Ensure your website is mobile-friendly and offers comfortable browsing/shopping experience on devices?
  3. Conceptualize, build and maintain intuitive, easy-to-use websites and apps
  4. Share the code repository with you so you’ll never lose access to the code you’re paying for once the project is complete?
  5. Is a “Swiss Army Knife” developer, someone who is decent at all levels of the stack (front end, middle-tier/API, back end) and who knows a breadth of languages and platforms?
  6. Builds in high quality SEO friendliness in content, metas, tags and URLs that search engines love?
  7. Helps you easily upgrade without a monumental rework or bill?
  8. Maintains timelines and deliverables as per commitment?
  9. Is committed to offer support after deployment?
  10. Has a good turnaround time for queries and trouble-shooting?
COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed requirements – both in terms of business and skills. It is time for the overhaul. And it is NOW. Should you need any help with your web, app or ecommerce problems, don’t hesitate to call or mail. Consultation is FREE. We appreciate and support your business. Call: 888.680.0174 (Toll Free) Canada: +1.416.577.8178 / Email: India: +91.981.101.0608 / Email: partho.m@wisitech.comcheat sheet for digital transformation

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