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5 Advantages of Using Facebook Lead Ads

November 17, 2020 |
Facebook Lead Ads

Relevance of using Facebook Lead Ads

In this time and age, Social media plays a big role and has great emphasis in making a solid influence on the audience. Over the year’s internet has grown so much that you are seconds away from establishing, running and gaining success in your business. Facebook though? Well, let’s just say it holds much more than anyone can even think of. Facebook can be of massive advantage to your business. Here are 5 Advantages of using Facebook Lead Ads.

1. Reach a Wide Audience

Unquestionably, Facebook provides advertisers with one of the largest user bases. According to some statistics, as of July 2020, Facebook had more than 2.6 billion users worldwide. This is more than any other social media platform.

The audience on Facebook spans across many demographics. It is the older demographic groups that are the fastest-growing sections of Facebook users. No matter to whom your business outfits, you should be able to find your anticipated audience profile on Facebook.

2. Alignment with Both B2B & B2C Businesses

Many people hold the misconception that Facebook advertising is only for B2C businesses? Prepare to be astonished at how B2B businesses can also run successful campaigns on Facebook. The B2B space is ambitious, which means B2B marketers must be dynamic when leveraging Facebook. But with the right targeting, messaging, ad format, and off-Facebook user experience on your site, there is certainly an opportunity for success.

For targeting new users, Facebook offers these targeting sections that align well with B2B needs:

  • Employer name.
  • Employment industry.
  • Job title.
  • Employer company size.
  • Interest industry.
  • Business travellers.

3. Audience Transparency

While some programmatic networks propose parallel audience targeting abilities, Facebook’s audience influence is extremely transparent.

  • Fans: Your Facebook followers.
  • Friends of Fans: Users who are friends of your followers.
  • Behaviors or Interests: Users who meet the criteria you selected based on self-reported criteria.
  • Remarketing: Users who have previously visited your site.

4. Psychographic Targeting

Facebook’s targeting abilities go far beyond demographics. Progressively, demographics on their own are a poor predictor of someone’s purchasing needs or lifestyle.

Facebook’s targeting capabilities let targeting by an extensive range of lifestyle features, such as interests, life events, behaviours, or hobbies.

This not only allows targeting with improved precision but also aligning digital strategy with offline strategies confirming that the same behavioural criteria are used throughout your whole marketing channel mix.

5. Competitor Targeting

Several solutions will let you hunt the audiences of your competitors. On Facebook, you can’t aim for the fans of other brands. Nevertheless, you can still target users who have shown the anticipated brands as their significance.

That is grounded on self-reported data and may not be current, as it is dependent on the last time a user has updated their settings. Still, particularly if used at scale, this can be an efficient strategy to go after well-qualified users.

We at Wisitech understand the need of the hour and are here to provide you with services that help you gain and grow. We understand your needs and goals and strategize accordingly. So, contact us today!

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Facebook Lead Ads

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