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5 Important Tips to Improve Your Writing Productivity

March 25, 2010 | Gitanjali Verma
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There are many people who can write really fast. What they need is just an idea about what to write on and will complete the job within deadlines. But this is not so in case of many good writers, writing is often a slow procedure. If you are in the writing business, you need to put your thoughts into paper fast without compromising a penny on the quality front.

Well, anyone can write faster if they actually love to write. Here are certain steps to help you write more efficiently and faster.

Select a topic: Always be specific on what you want to write. Choosing the topic is like half the work done. Never get confused on two topics as it can delay your work. This way you will also take more time in research. In fact narrow down your topic to one idea. Just one idea at a a time and star researching it. By sticking to one and only one idea, you’ll be able to remain focused and will shorten your writing time.

Go for the facts: After finalizing the idea, go for the facts. Gathering information before you actually start giving shape to your idea will make the work faster. Do a little research and jot down few important facts and notes related to your idea. Once you have all the information in your hand, you can write faster.

Make a structure:
Every written piece must have a structure. Well,the structure could be anything like a short narrative, Q&A format, a series of bullet points, a numbered list, etc. Outlining the structure of how you want to present your write-up, will be quite helpful. Now you just need to collect all your facts or ideas and arrange them in the order of your structure. The best part with a structure is that, you can write in pieces, in any order you like.

Concentrate: Don’t do multitasking to the extreme while you are writing as it slows down writing exponentially. If you want to complete your writing task faster, give full concentration to your task. Remember, writing requires undivided attention.

Just do it: Everything else done, put your fingers on your keyboard and start writing. Write in one go and even if your feel the first draft is not that good don’t stop, Just keep on writing. Once you are done, start reading from the first line. This way you can point out the mistakes and even do the editing part. Writing and editing should be separate tasks.

With these tips on mind, enjoy your writing and complete the task must faster.

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