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5 Most Important Aspects Of Ecommerce Website Design

November 8, 2021 |

5 Most Important Aspects Of Ecommerce Website Design
Ecommerce industry is growing rapidly and there is a market for every product and service. From foods, beverages to luxurious items-everything sells online nowadays. Ecommerce web developers are experts in creating a platform that invites and engages the customers and make shopping easier. With giants like Amazon, Walmart, etc. in competition, your online store must incorporate the right features. Consult with professional eCommerce development companies and hire the one who can satisfy your needs by designing and developing your unique ecommerce website.

5 Ecommerce Website Design Features You Must Have:

Proper Security & Safety Measures

1. Proper Security & Safety Measures

Browsing everything online has become a natural habit for many of the population. However, nobody likes to be at risk of phishing, and web safety is a legit concern. Obviously, when it comes to online shopping, people are much concerned about the safety and security of the eCommerce platform in question. Ecommerce websites carry all the customer details and the responsibility to protect that information. That information is also crucial to the marketing strategy of eCommerce. The data you collect is a responsibility and customers are not fool. Plus, Google and other search engines penalize unsecured websites. Discuss the matter of web security with the eCommerce web developers you are working with. SSL certificate and proper HTTPS protocols are mandatory for your website.

2. Well-Built Navigation & Filtration Properties

The search bar on your product page is a powerful tool to attract and retain customers. When properly crafted and optimized, the navigation bar can help your customer to find the right product. The filtration feature is also mandatory. No matter what product you are selling, there are multiple types and specifications people can search for. Integrating a proper filtration system helps people narrow down their searches and find the right product easier and faster. This functionality plays a major role in the UX of an eCommerce development.

3. Integrating Popular Payment Options in eCommerce Websites

There are many online payment options available but integrating all options is not feasible for your ecommerce business. You need to find the right payment options that your target customers are more used to. An experienced ecommerce development company can guide you through the options. If your customers are from all around the globe, the options will be different than some local choices. Also, unexpected shipping costs must be avoided at all costs and the payment gateway should be smooth and fast. The lengthy checkout process is among the key reasons for buyers abandoning their shopping carts. Consider the payment options and process as the most important part of the ecommerce web design.

4. CMS Integration in Your Ecommerce Website Design

Another important aspect of your ecommerce web development is to integrate a content management system (CMS). It will help you manage the online store better. All the visual content of the store, including texts and images, is managed through the CMS. You can edit the existing info, add new info, add latest or seasonal banners, etc. It will also help you better respond to the customers’ reviews and queries.

Product Showcase & Description Page

5.Product Showcase & Description Page

For an ecommerce website, a well-designed product page is crucial. The big concern of online shopping is that the customers can’t touch and feel the products. The only way they can be sure of their purchase decision is through the product page. There should be a properly written description and bright high-resolution images of the product. Integrating videos of the product is a great way to get the final orders. The showcase page design and content must be optimized and well-developed.

A poorly-developed ecommerce website can be annoyingly slow and tank your business expectations. Work with the full-service Ecommerce, App, Web Development & Marketing company that has extensive experience handling businesses in your niche. At Wisitech, we not only have 20+ years of website developing experience but also the expertise to guide you to increase sales, revenue, building winning strategies.

Ecommerce Website Design

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