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5 Quick Ways to Stop Visitors From Dropping Off the Sales Page

July 28, 2009 |

Oops…Losing readers after they have explored the website, made a purchase decision and landed on the sales page is the most frustrating thing to happen for any website.

An encouraging and user-friendly sales page is a very important component in the overall sales strategy for any website. If properly implemented, a sales page can help your online business flourish in a way you would be proud of. And to make sure that the sales page is going in the right direction, there are certain things that you need to check.

How Not To Let Visitors Drop Out From The Sales Page

1. Guide customers towards the right sales path

If you are a believer of the fact that “the more you tell the more you sell”, it’s even more important for you to know that it is not applicable to all cases. Plus, you need to provide your customers the right sales path so that they know where to actually go. For any online company there are many things that need attention at any time.

Firstly, the website should be such that it compels the viewer to explore the site more and move forward.

Secondly, no matter how great the product or service is, it should be presented in a proper way. Here comes the importance of the sales page as well as the sales letter which should be interesting and captivating as possible. There are several ways to do it such as:

2. Avoid Distractions

At times a good and compelling sales page might get ruined by outbound links which make the reader land in your competitor’s site. Hence never use outbound links on the sales page. Plus, the rule implies to navigation links too for the landing page of a site. This way your visitors can fully focus on the sales page without any distractions.

3. Proper Placement of Call to Action

There are several people who don’t have much time to read from the top to bottom. What they do is read the first or second paragraph to get an idea about the site and if they don’t find anything relevant they move on to other sites.

For such impatient buyers, have a ready solution in hand.  Use a call to action in the opening paragraph itself or at the most in the second para. Use prominent call to actions in every page that showcase your product on the website.

4. Highlight with Photos

A picture says more than thousand words. So break up your long sales copy with photos, charts or details that highlights your message directly to the viewer. Also try to use bullets, boxes and other embellishments to add spice to your sales page. Give a break to your viewers from the boring black and white sales page.

5. Offer a Quick Solution

Nobody have the time to spend on lengthy sales letters. For such viewers include a tour option with just the major selling points you are offering. With both the tour option and the regular lengthy sales page who can target more viewers.

Try these above mentioned points to avoid losing customers. The golden rule is try to make it easy for your customers to act and you can enjoy more sales and more profit in your business.

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