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5 Ways Businesses can Leverage SEO to Combat COVID-19 Pandemic Impact

April 5, 2020 |

COVID-19, the scourge of 21st century. The faster this Coronavirus pandemic is spreading, the faster it is affecting businesses around the globe. Due to the emerging situations, supplies and stocks are running low, shipping has slowed down or halted and many businesses are struggling to keep afloat during the worldwide lockdown.

As always, the first casualty of any crisis is marketing – considered mostly as a “non-essential” service. Businesses are pausing or canceling marketing campaigns because logically speaking when you don’t have means to ship your goods, what’s the point in marketing? Point taken. However, here in lies the catch.

The web is active, perhaps more active than ever. As people are staying home and getting adjusted to work from home, the web is their only means of communication to keep the work going. And search engines are working 24/7, crawling and indexing sites and pages, regroup. The best time this is to ramp up your SEO.

Although companies are taking these steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19, it is going to be a long-term impact to cope up with. Once the pandemic starts slowing down, businesses are going to struggle for over a year to make up for their losses. The current SEO strategies and the effect that this pandemic has on your business should be evaluated before taking a decision on your SEO.

Here are a few tips to utilize for your digital channels during the pandemic to keep up with the changes in market and consumer behavior:

Amp Up Your Optimization Game

A sudden decision to pause an ongoing SEO can throw off all the good work done in the past months. SEO is an organic process and takes a long time to build. It is an arduous struggle to restart a full scale campaign weeks later. If you are not vigorously moving forward now, you are falling behind in the race for Search Engine Results Page (SERPs).

Create Crisp Laser-focused Content

Create Crisp Laser-focused Content

Prioritize sharing any important information your audience or customers may need to see.

• Work on any SEO tasks that may have previously gone down your priority list. • Re-optimize meta titles and meta descriptions with freshly scraped keywords to ensure your web pages meet the latest search queries and requirements. • Keep updating your site links to promote your product pages such as company information and delivery information.

Smart Budgeting for SEO and Marketing

Smart Budgeting for SEO and Marketing

If you are getting somewhere around 1 to 2 million sales each year, on an average 7 to 8% of full revenue should be used on SEO and advertising. We at Wisitech have worked with high-growth businesses spending 10-12%, however, 7% is pretty enough for maintenance. Hence, it is important to spend this level of marketing investment throughout the pandemic. If you want you can cut back on paid advertising for a time being. As the user engagement goes down, the publishing rhythm breaks. As a result, the review volume drops and the brand lose grip across the online platforms. So, you have a chance to put some extra efforts in terms of SEO and come out on the top.

A Good Grip on Social Media

A Good Grip on Social Media

There is no better platform than social media for interacting with a consumer. Enhance your presence on social media to offer customers with easy and reliable access to the information they are looking for. Use your social media accounts to allow your customers to know about the changes in your services, delivery issues, closures, etc. Create posts to show you care.

Utilize Ad Campaigns for Essentials Only

Utilize Ad Campaigns for Essentials Only

As almost all the companies have opted for work from home to prevent the spread of this deadly disease, we have seen a depletion in online shopping for anything other than essentials. Use your campaigns to meet your audience’s changing behavior and keep strict vigilance on budget spend, ad copy and scheduling.Make sure that the budget is being used smartly on ad campaigns to meet the demand. Go for scheduled campaigns to show ads at the right time and use the suitable CTA. For example, don’t write “Call Now” if you are not in a position to pick the phone.

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