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5 Ways to Achieve Greater Sales on Etsy

January 22, 2020 | Dindayal Gupta

Just like Google and Amazon, Etsy is a huge search engine in itself. Etsy is a place to sell your art and craft – and market test your creative abilities. Etsy brings thousands of opportunities to grow your business rapidly. It is turning stay-at-home moms into the business. However, it is not sufficient to just open a shop on Etsy and expect the customers to storm in and purchase your product.

To be seen on Etsy, you have to be a shrewd marketer. If you want people to take your business seriously, you are needed to change things up. So what can you do to change what is happening? Do not worry, we’ve got you covered. 

Here are 5 ways to increase sales on your Etsy Store when you are in a slump.

1. Describe Your Products in Imaginative Words

Having a descriptive copy to tell about your product can be helpful for your business. Use this opportunity to sell your products effortlessly. You are required to narrate each item in detail, including weights, measurements, and words that induce the imagination of a buyer and make him/her buy the product right away. 

2. Pick high potential keywords on your store’s Niche

Etsy SEO Optimization

Choosing the right keyword is the main essence of effective SEO. You keywords selection will be the most critical component for Etsy SEO. You can use keywords tools such as, marmalead, and others.

The keywords determine how well your title, description and tags get optimized.

How to write a good title:

  • Use a different type of keyword phrases in your title
  • Use title case in the title to give a professional touch
  • Add the related keyword phrase at the front of the title

That doesn’t mean you end up stuffing as many related keywords into the content. You may end up spamming yourself. Use few right keywords and make your description as accurate as possible, so that a buyer finds exactly what they are looking for.

3. Dress Up Your Store with Excellent Photos

A good picture is worth a thousand words, especially on Etsy. Since customer shopping online will solely purchase based on product pictures provided by you. It is essential to invest in a good camera and some lighting. Make sure to take multiple shots of the products by using different angles and depths so that a buyer can get a detailed view of your items.

4. Brag about your Etsy Store on Social Media

Social Media plays an important role in current marketing strategies. To build a loyal following, strategic communication strategies are essential. Start with setting up profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Use beautiful pictures and creative content to lure visitors.  Make a routine and try uploading at least 5 pictures, share 5 posts and follow 10 profiles daily. Also, don’t forget to use hashtags as it will make your product visible to your audience. Research your competitors and the most popular profiles in your niche for the most effective hashtags.

5. Customer Services

How to increase Etsy Sales and Reviews

People like to buy the products from the places where they get good customer service. Provide your consumer with an option to contact you via phone, email, and chat. Engage your buyers by giving prompt replies and quickly responding to their queries. It is also good to offer fast shipping, exciting discounts, and some other benefits to keep customers happy. Quality marketing endeavors come from satisfied customers.  

2020 is the year to make your Etsy store dazzle. Find new customers, increase your sales and dominate the site by hiring Wisitech for Etsy Store Optimization.

Etsy Marketing Services

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