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6 Reasons to Redesign UX/UI Elements for Websites in 2021

March 19, 2021 |
UI/UX Design

Top 6 Reasons to Redesign UX/UI Elements in 2021

The disappearance of entire markets in the wake of the COVID-19-induced lockdown is fueling dependence on technology-driven website experiences and changing the way businesses operate. However, Forrester Research estimates that only 15% of all businesses are truly digital-ready. Unless you’re one of those insightful 15%, rethinking the ways in which your customers interact with your website and removing the obstacles to the conversion will be the only way to reach out to your customers and start making money again.

Changing User Experience and User Interface elements for your website does not mean dishing out loads of money to rebuild your site code-by-code. You can simply add apps and widgets, lower the amount of subjective input in user forms, and redesign graphics to more accurately match the expectations of the post-pandemic consumer.

Here are 6 reasons why and when you need to rethink your UX/UI website elements to face your customers in 2021

1. If your website was built before 2005, chances are that it is optimized for browsers that have now become obsolete. This could be one reason why your pages are slow to load. Research shows that websites have a mere 3 seconds to impress site visitors enough to get them to stay on the page and convert from prospects into leads. If your webpages are consistently slow and break down when coming up, you may need to get your site evaluated to see if it needs refurbishment. 2. If you have a number of pages that are difficult to navigate, it might be because your content is not organized well enough. Difficulties in navigation are a big turn-off for customers who have to sift through literally hundreds of query results in their search for the product that they need. Although disorganized content is a characteristic of growing companies that started small, it may be time to have a hard look at the graphical layout and categorization on your website. Consult independent UX/UI Design experts to decide if your website needs renovation. 3. The number of mobile users around the globe stands at 6.95 billion as of end-2020. This number is expected to rise to 7.1 billion in 2021. Most of these mobile phone users have access to the internet, are young, and know-how to navigate the web for the service or product that they want. It would be business suicide to ignore such a huge market if your website is not mobile responsive. Getting your website mobile-ready involves re-organizing your page design and its elements so that pages load quickly and smoothly. 4. Reduce Subjective Answers on your Forms. Subjective spaces on your forms can lead to inputs that do not match security criteria. Hackers will often attempt to inject harmful scripts and malware into your hosting server via free-form answer entries in customer forms. Secondly, the more open-ended questions you put in your forms, the more the cognitive load on the user, and the more chances there will be that your prospect turns away from making a transaction. An example of this is a travel form that asks the user to share a message with the travel agency. While such questions are great to understand customer expectations, making them mandatory tends to put off customers who need to plan a trip in a hurry.
UX/UI Design Company

6 Ways to Better UX/UI in 2021

5. Implementing additional technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, or AI-based widgets, can help increase customer engagement. AI predicts user behavior by analyzing previous inputs and intelligently responds by auto-filling forms and showing related answers to FAQs along with alternatives to reach support helplines or sales assistance (for eCommerce). 6. If your website is not optimized for SEO (the website strategies and practices that make your webpage ‘findable’ and rank higher on a Google search), then you stand to lose out massively on the number of impressions your business makes on the online audience. Preparing your website for SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) involves adjusting code, interface, and design to make webpages more appealing and attractive to the user. Again, get in touch with an expert to see if your site needs refurbishment.

What 2020 has taught us is that if your customers can’t reach you, it’s time to reach out to your customers. Enhancing user experiences on the platform and making your user interface more intuitive can significantly reduce user time spent on transactions and lead to faster, more satisfied conversions. Talk to an expert to learn more here.

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