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5 Social Media Buttons That Should Be Added To Your Site

September 27, 2013 |

In the previous blog, we discussed about the importance of keeping social media buttons to a minimal on your website. The next big question that arises is which buttons to retain and which one to remove. First and foremost, any social networking site that brings you maximum visitors and shares should be your top choice for the social media buttons display. Remove the ones that don’t have any followers and don’t bring you any visitors. After all, a social networking page with unremarkable followers can be an eyesore. Let’s now talk about the USP and benefits of few of the networking sites that must be added on your site, because of their massive popularity and millions of users.

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Any social networking site that brings you maximum visitors and shares should be your top choice for the social media buttons display. Image Courtesy:

Twitter Unlike Facebook, on Twitter anybody can follow anyone and the 140 characters content is visible to all (unless you have protected your tweets). That increases the possibility of content going viral more on Twitter as compared to Facebook. Twitter is all about marketing through small, instant spurts of content where news gets spread like wildfire in short time. Posting tweet is more like an SMS; you can write and read the content in no time. You can take advantage of trending topics by posting tweets with the trending hashtag. Or you can start your own trend. If used wisely, Twitter can be an effective tool for social media marketing campaign.

Facebook According to Wikipedia, “Facebook has 1.15 billion active users as of March 2013.” Now do you need any more reason why you should not have Facebook button on your website? With millions of users worldwide, Facebook is one of the most popular networking sites. Especially Facebook business page has become a great tool for connecting with your existing and potential customers.


Pinterest is huge and happening. People are naturally drawn to beautiful images. What better way to capture their attention than to post beautiful images of your products. For instance, if you have a business of wedding dresses, you can pin various gowns from different designers on this wonderful platform. Or if you are into making decorative cakes, you can share images of your creations here. Pictures attract and Pinterest can be a great tool for the success of your social media marketing strategy, if you use it effectively.


LinkedIn has a niche audience which mostly includes professionals. Unlike other networking sites, LinkedIn is a serious business-oriented network where professionals get to expand their network with others and don’t indulge in “lol”, “aww” type of frivolities. If your target audience involves career oriented people, then adding a LinkedIn button can be extremely beneficial to your site.


Tumblr is a microblogging networking site where users can post images, videos, links as well as blogs. It is a free platform where you can share your posts quickly with other communities. It is user-friendly and you can customize your page design that suits your business needs. What’s more, you can even have a custom domain on Tumblr. Every social media networking site mentioned above, has its benefits and cater to different audience. You need to figure out what type of site works best for your business and entire search engine optimization strategy. Ultimately the choice is upon you, what social media sharing buttons you want to keep. But keep in mind not to overload your site with all the social media buttons.

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