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7 Must-Do Things to Boost Traffic to E-commerce Websites

September 3, 2015 |

It is easy to set up an e-commerce website. But generating traffic to the site is quite another story.

With new e-commerce site mushrooming everyday attracting customers to the site is becoming more and more difficult. Besides, making them stay on the site and buying the product is the real deal.

Increase Traffic on E-Commerce Website

Boost traffic to your e-commerce website and eventually increase profits, check out these quick tips:

Product Descriptions

Write a product description that is engaging, keyword-enriched and unique. Creating original content for each of your products will help your pages get better indexed by Google. The search engines will display your content to a qualified audience on the basis of your well-searched keywords.

Have SEO Friendly URLs

Create descriptive URLs for your site that make sense. For instance, if your page is about “seo packages”, ideally your URL should be Such a URL clearly spells out what the product page is all about and it helps Google index the page and show this page in search results for that particular keyword phrase. However, if the URL for the same page is something like this it will put you back in search results.

Think about it – As a user, would you click on a URL that mentions product name or a URL that gibberish text. Without a doubt, you will click on the previous option. Keep URLs short and descriptive to boost your e-commerce site rankings. Long URLs don’t appeal to the users.

Encourage Users to Leave Reviews

Many e-commerce site owners underestimate the significance of reviews. Online reviews are endorsements and recommendations. Each good quality, positive review goes a long way in influencing the buying decisions of a potential customer.

Relevant user reviews keep static pages renewed and fresh. Google gives added importance to pages that are updated regularly with new, relevant content. Encourage users to leave reviews for your products to enhance social engagement and improved chances of ranking.

Ensure Smooth Navigation

Make your e-commerce site easily navigable. Ensure that your visitors can find what they are searching for without any difficulty. Use breadcrumb navigation – it is a great way to help users find their way back to the main categories.

Be Wise About Internal Linking

Internal linking within your product pages further boosts engagement and sales. Link other products or categories within the content on your product pages. Using anchor text allows users to further click on product links that might interest them. It allows search engines to delve deeper into your e-commerce website and index other pages too. Moreover it prevents visitors from straying away from your site. Smart internal linking keeps visitors on your site and helps them further find products of their interest.

Create Informative Blog

Add informative blogs to your product-selling site. This really helps. Creating a blog is not just about writing a piece of content and adding image. Your blog must be highly targeted and rich in quality content. Find out what your existing and potential customers want to know and provide them with that meaningful information.

Social Media Buttons

Social media campaign is the biggest boon to generate brand awareness and social engagement. It is an opportunity for the brands and products on your e-commerce site to engage with the customers.

Make sure to install social sharing buttons on every product and category pages of your site. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ buttons should be visible on all pages.

Google+ is linked to the Google search engine algorithm. Having a Google+ page and contributing in different Google+ communities increases the chances of your product pages to rank higher in Google search engine and ultimately drive traffic to your site.

If you need any help in improving search engine rankings of your eCommerce store or want to promote your brand on social media, contact us

increase e-commerce traffic

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