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A Case for SEO Outsourcing

October 23, 2008 |

SEO Outsourcing companyThe decision of whether to outsource search engine optimization (SEO) work or not depends upon the kind of online marketing expertise and talent is available in-house in a business organisation.

It is not uncommon to see expert and adequately manned web development teams in large organizations who manage the company’s various web ventures. But it is quite rare to find a dedicated SEO team as part of the web management team in such organizations. There are primarily two reasons why organisations skip the need for having a dedicated SEO team and more often than not opt for an outsourcing solution in this regard.

Firstly, most organizations feel that so long as the website is getting updated structurally and in terms of content and graphics, it is sufficient to run their web ventures.

Secondly, most business organisations do not find it worthwhile to build and retain a special team of SEO experts as online marketing is still in its fledgling state and is growing by the day witnessing incessant change. When a web outsourcing solution can be found at a much lower cost, companies don’t find it prudent to invest precious funds on an in-house team.

The lack of will to get an SEO team in place can really hurt online visibility and business prospects of a company, however big in size or brand value it may be as SEO does the most important task of getting the visitors to the web site. While an attractively made web site is important for ensuring visitor retention and multiple visits, it also needs to get the relevant visitors to find it on the World Wide Web first and click their way in.

SEO Firms are Better Equipped

Companies which understand this opt for SEO outsourcing. They take services of the professional firms who provide proven web outsourcing solutions and whose core competency is SEO and other forms of online marketing. Such firms have the requisite experience and expertise to handle the constantly changing demands and technologies of the ever evolving arena of Internet marketing.

Wisitech, apart from having an expert and hugely experienced team of SEO specialists, also has the advantage of being an end-to-end web solutions provider. Different web domains which are connected to the success of search engine optimisation, such as web design and development and content writing are part of Wisitech’s own areas of expertise.

Hence, all these teams work in co-ordination with each other, combining their knowledge of various Internet technologies and new evolving concepts such as Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 to ensure guaranteed SEO results which is often impossible for a smaller dedicated in-house team to achieve.

SEO consultancy

In other words, web outsourcing solution providing firms are thus also able to offer high quality SEO consultancy services on what one needs to do to make a web site successful. Such consultancy would include suggestions for certain website amendments to aid the overall SEO strategy.

Then there is the question of affordability. Finding the right SEO talent is difficult and those who are available don’t come cheap. Moreover one person is not sufficient to handle all the SEO work, which is highly technical in nature. You need a team comprising of individuals who can take care of different aspects of SEO campaign. Most small firms can’t afford to h

SEO Outsourcing company

About Antara Nanda Mondal

Antara is Editor-Creative Director of Wisitech InfoSolutions Pvt. Ltd and wears many hats. She is also Editor in Chief, Learning and Creativity and Consulting Editor, Silhouette Magazine. A former business journalist, she writes extensively on the changing trends in content and digital marketing as well as on music and filmmaking. Antara is also the Founder-Editor of Blue Pencil, a New Delhi-based publishing house. She has co-authored a chapter on Hemant Kumar's Bengali music in the acclaimed book The Unforgettable Music of Hemant Kumar, written by Manek Premchand. Her articles have also been published in and
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