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What our Clients Say About Us

Wisitech has been handling our web development, SEO, Facebook shopping catalog etc. for years.

I cannot ask for a better partnership and a better team. They have extensive knowledge and are available both day and night whenever problems arise.

They have taken the time to learn about our products to better position us for high sales.

Tess Winningham
CEO & Co Founder

Thank you Wisitech!!!

Yvette Quantz, owner Customized Nutrition Newsletters and Foodspiration appreciates Wisitech for the tenacity to find solutions and thorough and professional work that has given her business a new constructive direction.

5 Star 5.00
Quality 5.0 | Reliability 5.0 | Ability 5.0 | Overall 5.0
Yvette Quantz, RD, CSSD, LDN Customized Nutrition Newsletters Foodspiration Louisiana, USA

Highly Recommend Partho and his team

I had a website that needed to be built with very short notice. All the freelancers I reached out to said it would not be possible to execute my website within my timeline. However, Partho and his team worked with me to modify the website to stay accurate to my design while still meeting my deadline.

They worked almost constantly for 2 and a half days to ensure my website was done on time. They were also very communicative and quick with troubleshooting. Highly Recommend Partho and his team

5 Star 5.00
Skills 5.0 | Quality 5.0 | Availability 5.0 | Deadlines 5.0 | Communication 5.0 | Cooperation 5.0

Dedicated partner providing quality, efficient and quick work

Wisitech Client - Boštjan Klajnščak
Boštjan KlajnščakOwner, Kindle Cover Lover

Despite having enough know-how – or better put, knew enough to know how to fill the gaps in our knowledge – to complete our e-commerce project Kindle Cover Lover using internal resources, we nonetheless decided to search for a dedicated partner who could do the same quickly, efficiently and above all, with the level of quality and detail as agreed beforehand.

People these days love reading five stars reviews, which is why companies are so anxious to solicit them from their customers. But rare are those who actually merit them so much so as not to require the soliciting part. Wisitech team does.

5 Star 5.00
Skills 5.0 | Quality 5.0 | Availability 5.0 | Deadlines 5.0 | Communication 5.0 | Cooperation 5.0

Sales on Amazon increased significantly since working with Wisitech

Wisitech Client - Remilia hair
Natalie ZinderOwner, Remilia Hair.

We found Wisitech on google and we have to say they helped us so much! Wisitech is a professional company that helped us elevate our business on amazon. Our sales increased significally ever since we started working with them. We warmly recommend Wisitech :))

5 Star 5.00
Skills 5.0 | Quality 5.0 | Availability 5.0 | Deadlines 5.0 | Communication 5.0 | Cooperation 5.0

First class work ethics and work quality

“I rarely give 5 stars to everything – I always feel people have room for improvement. Partho and his team was everything I needed and more. They went the extra mile – even on things they didn’t need to do. I was as leary as can be using someone I don’t know that is 9+hours time difference. This made no difference. They treated me like I was around the block and their work ethics and work quality is first class. Don’t hesitate to give them a chance – you can’t go wrong. You will use them on everything! I will use them with all of my computer needs – and if I’m not sure if they do it – I’ll ask them first before considering anyone else…..They are that good!”

5 Star 5.00
Skills 5.0 | Quality 5.0 | Availability 5.0 | Deadlines 5.0 | Communication 5.0 | Cooperation 5.0

Proactive-ness and Desire to Think Solutions as Their Own Project

Wisitech Client - Mandeep Singh
Mandeep SinghPartner – Talent & Rewards

“We needed to develop a site in a short while for a nationwide launch. The team at Wisitech was not only able to understand what we want as an outcome but were able to give ideas and suggestions to make sure the site is user-friendly and communicates the message we want to. Above all, everything came in the budget we had. Overall I found them solution oriented and a team which works almost as an extended arm of my project team. I have come back to them a second time and have given references to other clients also. They are someone who would be able to deliver what is promised with an added few extras.”

What do you like most about the company?

Their proactive-ness and the desire to think for solutions as if it is their own project and not a clients.

5 Star 5.00
Quality 5.0 | Reliability 5.0 | Ability 5.0 | Overall 5.0

Great Response Times, Functionality and Design

Wisitech Client - Aaron Stimpson
Aaron StimpsonOwner

I really do believe that your team is a great team that does wonderful work! There have been some great collaboration in executing the dream I have for this site. I very much appreciate your patience with me as a client. I see it every day with your great response times, functionality and design.

I do believe that the potential of this website is huge and that your team will reap the rewards of having done a fantastic work on this site. Thank you for seeing me as a valuable client. That means a lot to me.

I also understand that there is a lot on the line when it comes to Wisitech’s reputation as a high-end programmer which is why, I would like to say I am fully satisfied with the work that was done as well as recommend Wisitech to the churches I am in contact with currently. I will also be accepting a full-time position at a business that handles seminaries and churches as their clients. This could be the bulk of your clientele for the future. Most of these clients are high-end clients. Repeat business is the best business. Not to mention, I will need a design of an app made for the site in the future.

I understand the process of adding extra effort and energy, as I am in the business of designing signs and graphics for clients as one of my current occupations. Again, thank you for seeing me as a valued client and thoughtfully taking care of the concerns of the site.

I look forward to the day when we launch! I will eat some cake on that day too!

5 Star 5.00
Quality 5.0 | Reliability 5.0 | Ability 5.0 | Overall 5.0

Legit and Stress Free Service

Wisitech Client - Mark Zengr
Mark ZengCEO On the Mark, Education Consulting Inc.

Amazing company that provides a stress free service. We have been working with Wisitech for a little over a year. They do things very quickly and nicely. Partho and his team have been nothing but a tremendous help for us. Before we started and agreed on any project, Partho personally called and gave us details on how he and his team will help and improve our website. He always takes the initiative to reach out and makes sure things are done.

Whenever something goes wrong with our website, they take care of it right away. Can’t count how many times we encounter small problems with the website, they take care of them faster than we expect and that’s what I mean stress free service.

For us who know nothing about website, we need a company who does and does it for a living. It is all we need to be honest. Communication is the key when it comes to cross-country business. They make sure things are done properly. I am very happy to work with Wisitech.

There are a lot of scammers out there just trying to get your money and not doing your work. I can give you names but Wisitech always always helps. You all need company like Wisitech to work on your projects.

5 Star 5.00
Quality 5.0 | Reliability 5.0 | Ability 5.0 | Overall 5.0

Your partner in success

Wisitech Client - Tom Cramer
Tom CramerFounder & CEO Wisie, Inc, Georgia, USA

“Over the last three years, I have engaged Wisitech to design and build 5 web sites for my two companies with a total of 6,000+ hours of custom programming. Partho and his team have done an outstanding job in exceeding my expectations. I highly value the entire Wisitech company and team because:

  1. They add value in everything that they do for me. An example of that is when I submit specifications to them, they always suggest ideas and better ways of doing things.
  2. They treat the business as a true extension of my company.
  3. They really care about the quality of their ideas and work.
  4. The company experiences very low turnover, which means there has been very little degradation in production throughput due to turnover which I know is a big problem globally for the web development industry.

When you engage the Wisitech team, they become your partner in success.”

5 Star 5.00
Quality 5.0 | Reliability 5.0 | Ability 5.0 | Overall 5.0

Wisitech has increased my “brand” and recognition

Wisitech Client - Dr. Janet Brill
Dr Janet Brill, Nutritionist, Award–Winning Author, Go Red SpokespersonOwner Calories, Inc., Pennsylvania, USA

“I just want you to know how thrilled I am with you and your company. Thank you so much for your expertise…you have increased my “brand” and recognition immeasurably and for that I am eternally grateful!

P.S. I LOVE how you added the interview word to my head shot; the MANAGE YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE and my photo to the Lifetime clip and all the products in a line…truly the best web designers on the web!”

5 Star 5.00
Quality 5.0 | Reliability 5.0 | Ability 5.0 | Overall 5.0

Exceeding our expectations

Wisitech Client - Shelly Marie Redmond
Shelly Marie Redmond, MS, RD, LDN – Registered DietitianEditor In Chief/CEO College Lifestyles, Louisiana, USA

“Working with Partho and the team of Wisitech has changed the entire landscape of our organization. We bring to Partho and his team our goals and visions, and the team has delivered above and beyond the expectations of putting our goals and visions into action.

The team is very effective and efficient. I know questions will be answered and work will be completed in a timely fashion.”

5 Star 5.00
Quality 5.0 | Reliability 5.0 | Ability 5.0 | Overall 5.0

Your success is Wisitech’s success

Wisitech Client - Gunnar Fox
Gunnar Fox, Founder & CEOKAM Publishing, Texas, USA

“I do not expect to work with anyone other than Partho as long as I am in business. His team’s command of web design, graphic design, SEO, and all of the hidden pieces that make a great web site is astonishing. I have never encountered anyone who knows so much about the way the Internet works, and how to make money with it.

If you are anything like me, you have kissed a lot of frogs before finding the right vendors. It is saddest of all when you actually think you have been working with web development princes only to discover (after unraveling their crap code, or otherwise recognizing that they permitted you to make dumb decisions because they simply didn’t know or care enough to tell you otherwise) that you have STILL been in the frog–kissing business all along.

If you work with Partho, ROI is king. Your success is his success. You’ll be using him and his vast team of hand–picked web gurus exclusively. Your project will be well–staffed – – no B.S. about limited resources, no excuses.

I am a workaholic and these guys outpace me (a first). Did I mention his pricing? Holy cow! Best value on the web.”

5 Star 5.00
Quality 5.0 | Reliability 5.0 | Ability 5.0 | Overall 5.0

Shown the highest ethical standards in the industry

Wisitech Client - Tammy Beilstein
Tammy BeilsteinOwner Arnella’s Bridal, Pennsylvania, USA

“Partho and his staff are not only professional, cooperative and knowledgeable, but have exhibited the highest ethical standards in the industry which was of utmost importance to me.

I have never had to wait on any question, website change or enhancement that I have requested. They continue to achieve the goals as promised and have also done work above and beyond what was contracted.


5 Star 5.00
Quality 5.0 | Reliability 5.0 | Ability 5.0 | Overall 5.0

Developed the perfect site

Wisitech Client - Yukari Inoue
Yukari InoueSenior Consultant BMR Advisors, Gurgaon, India

“Thanks for developing the website. It’s perfect.

I checked the number of incoming links for past month. The links have increased to 3,100 from Japan itself. That’s a good number as we have not linked to other websites or done any promotion, only updated our website.

Once we start promoting our website we will have many more incoming links.

Thanks again for your help.”

5 Star 5.00
Quality 5.0 | Reliability 5.0 | Ability 5.0 | Overall 5.0

Completed impossible tasks and deadlines

Wisitech Client - Trip Wakefield
Trip WakefieldPresident/CEO ThinAir Wireless Inc, Texas, USA

“I have done business with Wisitech, for many years and all I can say is that you cannot go wrong with this company.

Partho and his team have demonstrated to us on many occasions that seemingly impossible tasks and deadlines that I have put in front of them, they have ALWAYS come through with shining colors.

I can honestly say that the success of our company has been largely in part because of the team that make up Wisitech.

Partho should be proud of what he has accomplished over the years as he has grown his company and I can say this with experience since I knew him when they were much smaller than they are today.

I will tell you that we get just as much attention to detail (if not more if at all possible) which in my experience is not usually the case with other company’s that have grown such as Partho’s company has.”

5 Star 5.00
Quality 5.0 | Reliability 5.0 | Ability 5.0 | Overall 5.0

Superior quality work and timely delivery

Wisitech Client - Richard L. Peterson
Richard L. PetersonMD, Managing Partner Market Psych Consulting, New York, USA
“Their service, organization, and delivery is outstanding. They produce excellent quality work with integrity and commitment to their customer’s satisfaction. My projects for them were PHP and MySQL based. I highly recommend their services.”

Huge technical accomplishment

Wisitech Client - Tom Cramer
Tom CramerCEO & Founder Wisie, Inc., Georgia, USA

“Today I was out in my car and I went to two of our web sites on my 3G i–phone which runs at around 1 mb/second. It’s a wireless connection (NOT on a network).

3G wireless (1mb/sec) is approximately the slowest speed that people here in this country have on their high speed internet in their homes. About a third of the country still have networks running from their home that run at this relatively slow speed, and the rest of the homes have faster connections.

Both web sites performed at outstanding speed. I was able to go from the Home page to the Mini site Home page and call up other pages and call up videos at a very fast rate of speed. I did not even notice that it ran slower than my 15mb/second network in my home. I am delighted with this.

I realize and acknowledge that is a huge technical accomplishment by your team given the amount of data that is being called up. Essentially you (your team) has given me very high end graphics and functionality without sacrificing performance, and this is a huge value … because, as you know, if web sites don’t run fast, people leave them.

Congratulations for this accomplishment.”

5 Star 5.00
Quality 5.0 | Reliability 5.0 | Ability 5.0 | Overall 5.0

The very best to work with

Wisitech Client - Roy Newsome
Roy NewsomeOwner Roy Newsome Enterprises, GA, USA

“Partho and his team are the very best to work with, the work is excellent, the attitude is great, they go out their way to make sure you are satisfied, and work is done in a timely manner.

I was so pleased with the work I gave Partho another site to build and to do maintenance on all my other sites. Try Orient InfoSolutions, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them. Keep up the good work.”

5 Star 5.00
Quality 5.0 | Reliability 5.0 | Ability 5.0 | Overall 5.0

Brilliant Company!

Wisitech Client – Kari Tribble
Kari Tribble Founder & CEO Avari Beauty, MN, USA

“I am so pleased to be working with this company. I have never worked with such a hardworking and dedicated team before. They care about my business just as much as I do! They offer so much in their packages and deliver efficiently and effectively. I specifically use their SEO package along with blog writing and helping with exposure and gaining more traffic/leads to my website. You won’t be disappointed!”

5 Star 5.00
Quality 5.0 | Reliability 5.0 | Ability 5.0 | Overall 5.0
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