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AdDoot – Stretching the Limits of Mobile Advertising and Marketing

May 6, 2009 |

Consider this:

Mobile advertising in India holds a huge potential and is still largely untapped. It presents a great opportunity for the following reasons:

  • With 340-million mobile subscriber base in India and 100 million additions a year, not even 1% users have been targeted by mobile marketers
  • Current mobile advertising in India is a little more than Rs 40 crore, and is expected to grow to Rs 500 crore by 2011.
  • Competition is still at a nascent stage in India with primarily mGinger and mKhoj, the two market leaders, providing various mobile advertising solutions. They are offering different forms of mobile advertising, including SMS ads and WAP banners.

Recognising the mammoth opportunity waiting to be explored in the mobile marketing arena, Wisitech has launched AdDoot, an advertising medium where the advertisers can enjoy complete control over whom the ads should reach and how and when. Developed completely in house, AdDoot is all set to create new benchmarks in the fast emerging mobile advertising and marketing platform.

“Smaller and Faster” is the main mantra in the ever expanding world of information technology and the biggest example is the mobile phone. Some time back, Google CEO Eric Schmidt told a panel at the World Economic Forum in Davos that the future of mobile advertising is a “huge revolution”.

As far as advertising is concerned it is very important for the advertisers to know the effectiveness of their campaign to get a clear idea about what went wrong and to study the mindset of their audiences. Based on these analysis future campaigns can be designed. With AdDoot, an advertiser gets complete and incisive live reporting data to track campaigns.

In other words, AdDoot has been designed after months of analyzing market trends to provide a solution that fulfills advertiser’s requirements. Here the best features of both Internet and mobile telephony medium have been executed in a way that helps in planning, creating and executing precision SMS campaigns.

Wisitech believes in giving a cutting edge laser sharp focus to provide end to end web application solutions for your business. Since its inception, Wisitech has helped many a web venture reach a wide target market and meet its goals. And it has now diversified into the mobile marketing arena with a vibrant, scalable application AdDdoot.

Check the site and see for yourself that it is different from other mobile marketing platforms.

Mobile Advertising and Marketing

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