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#AdviceThatSticks – How to Seek Out & Employ Practical Business Advice

August 3, 2016 |

#AdviceThatSticks in a real life business situation is the kind of advice which is practically applicable. It is best adhered to when it workable, employable and you can see the actual results of it.

Business Advise

Seeking professional advice is both a sign of maturity and wisdom.

Businesses in legal hassles seek out lawyers, or for filing taxes they seek accountants. Similarly in most of the business related fields advice must be professional.  Many businesses have in-house advisors as employees in most of the fields. This means for smaller and upcoming businesses it becomes essential to seek advice from professionals, outside of their company.

Roadblock to seeking advice

Just like individuals, companies and organisations have an ego. It restrains intellectual approach and makes the vision tainted. An ego element is certainly required to boost performance and be proud of achievements. It also leads to better results when challenged by competition. Yet, it should never become a road block to seeking advice.

When to ask for advice

A professional does not pose a threat to a business owner’s position or in fact, for any performing employee. On the other hand he/she gives an unbiased opinion and that too only in the best interest of a business. It is mostly healthier to ask for an outsider view to understand what ails.

As in real life, an advice received many years earlier comes handy in a difficult situation, so is it in business and professional life as well. People say, oh, my father or my teacher used to say this or this. In such cases, we see that an advice has stayed on and is being of help at different relevant times in life. How can businesses be different?

Form the habit to seek advice

Businesses must form a habit to seek, value and adhere to professional advice. Certainly, not all advice is always applicable, neither is all remembered. But a paid for professional #advicethatsticks on, is relevant and works as a path finder when one is lost in the maze of day-to-day business activity.  Suddenly the light bulb turns on.

On the flip side; an advisor has absolute professional responsibility to be astute and apply his best knowledge and experience in imparting with any advice. He/she needs to educate and update oneself on a regular basis in his/her field of profession.

Utmost care in maintaining complete privacy of each client also becomes a responsibility of the advisor.

A thorough professional and deeply mutual trustworthy relationship must be established between and advice seeker and an advisor.

Spontaneous or Intentioned

Some advice reaches you spontaneously. It is not calculated or organized. It comes to you as an offshoot of a particular situation. But it is spot on! It helps you turn the situation in your favor. And it sticks to you forever.

Some advice comes to you when you ask for it. It is well thought out, focused and well intentioned. And it can be from various sources, not necessarily known to you. For instance, social media especially #LinkedIn has created a vibrant and dynamic platform for people to seek advice from peers and professionals in the same industry or similar situations.

You can post your question or problem and if the question is framed with intelligence, it is likely to receive several replies. Now it again depends on how YOU filter the replies to pick the one or two advice that sticks.

In our IT industry, which faces daily upheavals, new emerging technological introductions, rapid technological obsolescence and adverse effects of market downturns, sound advice is much sought after. LinkedIn groups allow you to seek out advice, ask for it, receive it, sift the grain from the chaff, clarify your doubts, ask further questions and receive clearer inputs. For all you know, you might find sound #advicethatsticks from members here.


Peeyush Sharma

Peeyush Sharma

Like what you’ve been reading? Contact me at or call me direct 001.416.577.8178 for useful and professional advice on what you can do to turn your ecommerce venture, website or social media presence towards greater sales and higher profits. This advice will be complimentary to LinkedIn members.

About the Author: Peeyush Sharma is the VP, Business Development & International Marketing, North America at Wisitech InfoSolutions Pvt Ltd, and spearheads new business development in the area of ecommerce, web solutions and apps. He is also an established corporate speaker on stress relief, relaxation and meditation.

About the Author: Antara is the Creative Director at Wisitech InfoSolutions Pvt Ltd, and spearheads content development, content marketing, SEO and social media optimization in the area of e-commerce, web marketing solutions and mobile apps optimization

Business Advise

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