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Whys and Wherefores of Amazon Influencer Program

March 30, 2023 |
Amazon influencer program Everyone wants to harness the world’s biggest product-based search engine, Amazon. However, considering the sea of products that Amazon has, it’s a must that you adopt some unique strategy to boost your customer acquisition strategy. Otherwise, you risk being lost in oblivion. Today, we discuss an important sales-driving tool – the Amazon Influencer Program.

Why Amazon Influencer Program?

A big pie of the digital time is spent on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, to name a few. Interestingly, social media has transcended many milestones over the years from a social communication and recreational platform to a customer acquisition weapon. Amazon Influencer Program helps you to unleash the potential of social media’s popularity through influencers.

social influencers for Amazon marketing

Amazon Influencer Program helps you to showcase your products and have them endorsed on social media

Who are Social Influencers?

As the term echoes, they are the people whom people like to watch, listen to and, ultimately, follow their advice. Hence, tapping into their influence and conversational potential, you can make your brand’s voice reach to a target bigger audience, drive customer engagement and acquisition endeavor.

Amazon Influencers are Bloggers, YouTubers & Social Media Influencers who sign up to be a part of the Amazon Associates Program and promote Amazon third-party brands before their viewers. They earn a commission as an Amazon Affiliate. 

How Amazon Influencer Program Differs from Amazon Associates Program?

Amazon Associates Program was based on driving traffic to the destination website through Affiliate Marketing or their websites. However, its influencer program is aimed at driving traffic through social media influencers or activities of influencers.

How Amazon Influencer Program Works?

You get to select influencers you work with from an Amazon’s list and they recommend your products in their social circles on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so on. Entitled influencers get a vanity URL ( to promote and recommend your Amazon listings to their followers. Influencers get compensated on the number of conversions.

What is the Impact of Amazon Influencer Program?

The Amazon a10 algorithm is said to be highly advanced and it has begun to prioritize brands on several other parameters too – one of them is when they are able to send External Amazon traffic. Amazon Influencer Marketing helps you drive sales on Amazon’s retail platform through off-page promotion, hence, pushing organic traffic from other websites and social media platforms towards your listing on Amazon.

Tips to Choose Your Amazon Influencers

Social discussion and reviews have a profound impact on the buyer’s purchase decision. Hence, you must work with the right influencers. Here is a list of tips to help you with.


Relevance is the factor that dominates the online marketing world. To connect with relevant influencers, take a look at their social media profiles, blogs, and websites. If you provide travel-related service then there is no point of connecting with influencers who have an audience comprising of fashion retailers, no matter how strong presence they have. Instead, connect with travel bloggers to get the desired result. Even, you might need to apply more filters to get niche travelers. Look at the audience-demographics of the social influencers or bloggers before you strike a deal with them.


The blunder that most of the businesses do in selecting a social media influencer is by going by his or her number of page-likes, or followers. Statistics make a profile looks great, but what if the followers are not engaging with the post of the influencer? Your customer acquisition expectation will take a hit. See how readers respond, comment, and share on the influencer’s post or update? Also, dig returning vs. new visitors stats.


It is not enough to approach an influencer citing the popularity and reach of his or her social handle or blogging platform. He or she might have an amazing number of followers and engagement, which is appreciable – but there is one more important aspect to consider when you measure reach.

Check if the digital channels that the influencer aces will be appropriate for your product or service. Simply put, check if your target audience active on those platforms.


The frequency of posts or updates is directly proportional to the post traffic and rate of return visitors. Identify and shortlist influencers who are actively engaging their followers. Simply posting content will not help unless you respond to your audience’s engagement, comments and queries spontaneously.


The quality of content is of paramount importance because that makes readers share your content in their social circles. The content or story created by influencers should make readers think and relate themselves to the product or service being discussed. This makes an influencer authentic and revered among his or her followers.

Hope you have got some fundamental ideas on how to make Amazon Influencer Program do wonders for you. If you are already enrolled in Amazon Influencer Program, share your experience.

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(Last updated on March 30, 2023)Amazon influencer program

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