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Why Amazon Web Services (AWS) Is a Must Have for Your Website & eCommerce

March 1, 2018 |


Implementing Amazon cloud computing solution? Efficient Amazon Web Services (AWS) can make a key difference to how your business builds profits.

Why it is essential to have your website or web application backed by a robust web hosting and database server?

Well, the secret lies in the urgency of delivering an amazing user experience (UX), which has become a game changer in the industry.

In a highly competitive economy, it’s challenging for a business to generate leads. You can’t expect your users to have patience to stay on a slow loading website or app or one that doesn’t respond well. Moreover, you need to cope with the emerging requirements and stay future ready.

Implementing and tuning Amazon cloud computing solution as per your business requirements, you can ace the expectation of your users and stand out in the marketplace.

Why Choose Wisitech as Your AWS Managed Service Provider

Wisitech’s end-to-end AWS Managed Service enables you to unlock the proven capabilities of key Amazon Web Services,  namely:

  • Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) and
  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2 services)

We help you keep your website, content management system, or web application up and running, irrespective of the high traffic or fluctuation it encounters at different times of the day, season, or year.

Wisitech has earned over a decade of experience in shaping and boosting award-winning digital presence for its clientele ranging from start-ups and small and medium businesses to Fortune-listed companies from different verticals with effective usage of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Solutions.

Amazon Web Services Wisitech

We Understand Your Business

We analyze your business needs and accordingly implement the right AWS service from the options: AWS VPS (Virtual Private Server), dedicated server or shared server. We can configure the Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS services to let technology investment serve the intended business purposes.

  1. We Deliver Efficient AWS Database Migration Service

Concerned about migrating your website server or database? Of course, every wise entrepreneur would be. You have got valuable data on your website, and you need it right. Rely on us because we have experienced team with hands-on experience in cloud migration, data warehousing and Big Data.

2. We Support Every PHP Website/Framework

We can integrate and deploy any website or content management system coded with PHP programming language or its allied frameworks, including WordPress, Drupal,  Laravel, Symfony, Zend, and CodeIgniter, to name a few, with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud and relational database service.

3. We Support Leading eCommerce Platforms

We have AWS hosting experts to integrate and deploy your Magento, CS-Cart or Shopify eCommerce store with Amazon cloud-based hosting and relational database services. Hence, do business confidently with improved customer acquisition across web and mobile without being worried of traffic.

4. We Support Social Networking Websites

Worried about the bandwidth and storage space required for your social networking website? Leave it to us. Our experienced and trained professionals can successfully integrate and deploy any social media website with flexible and highly secured AWS cloud computing.

5. We Help You Monitor Business Success

We help you gain a 360-degree view of how AWS resources are getting utilized and how your website or app is performing. Make use of the actionable data gained through Amazon CloudWatch to react and, hence, keep delivering the best user experience consistently.

6. We Help You Build a Secure and Compliant Business

The security of your customer’s data and the business information is of utmost importance. We configure AWS CloudTrail to let you record information or trail whenever there is any attempt from an external source to connect with your digital platform. So, maintain security and compliances with ease.

Wisitech Amazon Web Services

Why Amazon Web Services Hosting & RDS


Your website or web applications are a virtual property, but the kind of experience they deliver to your customers, clients or partners contribute to your real growth. When the digital user’s attention span is drastically declining, you can’t go with a substandard website to market your product or service. Call us to have a zero-downtime website.


AWS provides a user-friendly way to manage the configuration of your hosting server and relational database service. You can manage your business easily without any technical know-how. It reduces the hassles of your IT department. substantially. With one dashboard manage a web server, DNS, and networking.


AWS data centers are equipped with military-grade protection. The service provider strictly adheres to the security parameters mandated by the law of the land wherever its servers are placed and operated. Thus, with AWS hosting, your customer data and privacy remain intact.


With Amazon server services, you can dynamically grow and shrink resources to withstand your changing business needs. Considering the fluctuating nature of website traffic, it’s significant to have such scalability in place. This helps you reduce business overheads and TCO (total cost of ownership).


AWS comes with flexible pricing models. Moreover, there is no a up-front cost or long-term contract. Neither is there any termination penalty, so with this pay-as-you-go pricing, you pay what you use. Thus, it won’t erode your ROI even if you are making a low profit.

Looking for End-To-End Support for Amazon Web Hosting and Database Services or Need a Consultation? Contact Us Today!

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