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Why App Search Optimization is Critical for Your Business Success

May 3, 2018 |
No matter how good a product is, it serves no purpose till its customers know about it, use it and rely on it. The same goes for your business app. It’s not enough to build an engaging app with excellent features, but also equally important to make users know about it.
Latest technology Android and iOS Apps developed by Wisitech

Latest technology Android and iOS Apps developed by Wisitech

Your app should be visible in the top search results to your users on their preferred platforms, or easily searchable against keywords or phrases they type in the store’s search box while looking for the most relevant app. According to Apple Search Ads, 65% of all downloads come from App Store searches.  Hence, it’s important that your app rank higher than competitors. It must rank higher for specific keywords. Ranking higher in Google´s semantic search through relevant backlinking adds an icing to the cake. Here comes the need for a prudent App Search Optimization, Mobile App SEO or App Store Optimization (ASO).

What is App Store Optimization (ASO)?

ASO is the marketing of the mobile app to make it rank higher in the app search results against the user’s search query. App Store is also a search engine like Google, though limited to mobile apps. Similar to website optimization or website SEO, app optimization requires a high level of skilled expertise. Hence, the ASO process is also referred to as App Store SEO, App Search Optimization, and Mobile App SEO.

Why App Search Optimization is Critical

Google Play and App Store – the world’s two biggest app distribution platforms are home to more than 5.6 million apps. In fact, they hold over 99% of all the apps that are created. One thing is quite clear – merely, uploading your app to these popular app platforms will hardly pay any dividend. Your app has to successfully compete against a sea of apps from your competitors before it makes its way to the user’s device. In addition to the searches on app distribution platforms, millions of users are likely to get referred to the app through search engines like Google or Yahoo Bing. Hence, it’s a must that you pay subtle attention towards optimizing your app for these noted search engines. online marketing

How to Do App Store Optimization

Like SEO of a website, app store optimization is also classified into two categories: On page optimization and off page optimization. On-page optimization comes first and it also impacts the off-page optimization results. The on-page strategy must complement with the off page one. Hence, let’s focus today on the first aspect.

On-Page Optimization of a Mobile App

On-page app store optimization is the process of standardizing your communication regarding the app adhering to the guidelines of app store. Let’s see how you can do it intelligently.

Step 1: Find the right app store keywords

Keywords reflect the mind-set of your audience when they perform a search on App Store. Conduct a thorough keyword research to know how exactly you audience are looking for the services or products related to your app.   Right keywords provide your app store optimization process a solid foundation and make it go the right way.

How to get the keyword ideas?

First, apply your common sense to create a list of keywords. To do it right, step yourself in the shoes of your audience. Second, check your competitor’s app title, sub-title, description, customer review, etc. Third, listen to the auto suggestions of the App Store. Type the product or service related to your app, and you are likely to see a range of keywords in the drop-down. Fourth, apply keyword research tools like Ubersuggest and Meatti to come up with new suggestions. Take into account engagement and competition factors while choosing your keywords.

Selecting the best keywords

Create a list of at least 100 keywords so that you have enough choices to make. Now, develop a strategy to filter and select the best keywords for the App Store Optimization. Reduce your final keywords list to 30 or 40. Include a mix of short and long tail keywords as well as low, moderate and high competition keywords. Long keywords will have low searches but they help you cover multiple small keywords and outdo the competition.

Step 2: Using Keywords Appropriately at the Right Place

With quality keywords in your hand, you are ready for the next level of App Store Optimization process. Putting the app store keywords in the right places is an art. Wisitech is here to give you a detailed walkthrough.
(a) App Name
Format: Brand name {a dash or a colon} followed by a few keywords Character Length: 30 Your app name should strike a chord with the audience as well as the search algorithm of the App Store. Hence, make it creative and searchable.  According to MobileDevHQ, a Seattle, US-based enterprise organic app marketing platform, renamed as Tune, using keywords in title you can boost the ranking of your app by 10.3%. However, adopt a balanced approach. The app name shouldn’t appear spammy. Use the brand name and keywords in a sensible way.
Take a look at the names of some popular apps
  Google Maps – GPS Navigation Amazon – Shopping made easy eBay: Buy & Sell – Find Deals Pandora – Free Music & Radio The Weather Channel: Forecast Note: App Store uses the app name in the URL so avoid using any special characters in your app name, like the trademark or copyright symbol.
b) App Subtitle
App subtitles were introduced in iOS 11. It contributes to the value of the app. Format: Mention the USP (Unique Selling Points) of the app with keywords. Character Length: 30   Miles App optimization Subtitles are significant from the indexing point of view. Its content is indexed in App Store search and contributes towards the app’s ranking. Hence, don’t miss using your potential keywords in this section. However, it must add value to the app.
c) App description (for iOS App Store)
For description, App Store provides a good amount of space. You can submit an elaborate description of up to 4000 characters. The description goes into two sections. Short Description Text (Character Length: 252) This is also known as preview description because it appears by default. Users come to see it when they click on the app icon after performing a search on the store. After 252 characters, the rest of the content gets trimmed. Interested users can read the extended content after they click “read more” or “see more” text. Don’t forget to add the social links of your app. If your app has received awards or recognition, do mention them. Long Description Text (3000) Though mathematically, the length comes out as 3748 characters, but it’s a wise call to keep some space in hand to be utilized for hyperlinking or captions. Though many experts believe that App Store’s search algorithm doesn’t give enough weightage to the keywords used in the description, adopt a balanced approach. Use keywords wisely without distorting the user’s readability and experience. Align the features and tools of the app with the user’s requirements and convey the value of your app in an easy-to-understand language. Users are apprehensive about the performance and security. So shed some light on that part to instill trust in the audience. Explain your users as how to use the app – navigating from one screen to another. Provide a step-by-step guide. Media Content Traditionally, app owners provide multiple, usually 3 to 4 screens related to the user interface of the app. Ace the competition by putting a video in the first place as video content is more engaging and helps you rank better. Also, provide a caption against each image or video you add. Caption texts are also indexed by App Store so try to use selected keywords. The media content complements the ranking and boosts the visibility of your app broadly. Congrats! You have learned the vital aspects of ASO and are equipped with the techniques to take your app from bottom to the top of the chart. Share your experience with us. For any assistance, feel free to get in touch with us.  Our experienced digital marketers will be happy to lend a helping hand. Important: All products and their images are the property of respective owners. We have used only for reference purposes.

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