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How Voice Search is Changing Online Business Optimization Scenario

You are finally home, tired from the day’s work and looking forward to relax for some time and watch your favorite show on the television. Instead of hunting under cushions or on the center table for the illusive remote control (which never seems to be where you left it last) you just say, “Alexa, please switch on the television.” And voila! Who needs that wretched remote control anymore anyway? In another instance, you want to go to a movie on a Friday night. Instead of launching the app on your phone and browsing all the way through the show timings and the available movies, you just ask your Google Assistant with your voice to buy you movie tickets. These two are some of the most basic examples of how voice search has been garnering popularity lately and are becoming more and more useful to the businesses as well as the consumers, especially when it comes to accessibility. Though the voice search feature is quite new and still has to reach even anywhere near its conventional search counterpart, the fact can’t be denied that voice search has seen a significant leap in recent years, especially since various voice assistants have hit the market. The phenomenon started with iPhone’s Siri and has expanded to other devices like Amazon Echo’s Alexa and Google Home Assistant. With more apps integrating the voice search function, it is crucial that online businesses recognize the benefits and integrate the same in their respective apps in order to boost their sales and garner more customers. To meet the expectations, digital marketers must start optimizing their online ventures for voice search queries. Here are three primary methods to implement it: Emphasizing on conversational language keywords It goes without saying that voice queries are way longer than the text queries that you type while asking the same question. Hence, integration of long term keywords are much needed in your business’s website and/or app content. Not only it will encourage more people to give it a try but also entice them to comfortably make their queries in a conversational manner. After all, instead of typing a boring ‘Search for Chinese restaurants near me’, asking ‘Cortana, where I can find decent medium spicy Chinese food around’ is always fun. Therefore, the keywords need to be formed accordingly. Mobile devices-oriented optimization More than the conventional laptops and personal computers, voice searches mostly occur on cell phones or similar devices. Therefore, optimizing your business website with a mobile-responsive design is of utmost importance. Besides it, certain other elements need to be taken care of too like improving loading speed of the website pages, enhancing the drop-down navigation menus, and formatting videos to automatically display in full-screen when the phone is held vertically. These improvements will make your website/app apt for all the features of voice searches. How to Implement Voice Search Use of short sentences with simple words More often than not, the conversational language consists of simple words said in an informal manner, which is quite in contrast to the written search queries. The AI behind most kinds of voice searches understand the simple questions and translate them into search results conveniently. If your website has such simpler sentences, there is a good probability that its link will appear somewhere on top when the user will ask a question related to your business. If your website is able to provide concise content optimized for voice searches, the chances of your business website growing organically will also increase substantially. Through the voice search is a still in its initial phase, the probability of it taking over the conventional search market is quite significant. Therefore, it is always better to be one step ahead and position your content to be up and ahead with the times. Implementing the above-mentioned methods has a high probability of garnering positive results. When it comes to a precise search engine optimization, our team at Wisitech that consists of skilled SEO marketing professionals knows how the SEO strategy can be utilized and implemented in best way possible. No matter if it is voice search-related query or any other SEO issue, Wisitech is one of the best SEO companies out there that gets the job done, always.
Online Business Optimization Scenario

10 Hottest UX Design Trends of 2019

The mobile app universe is one of the fastest changing technological aspects in the world right now. With all the new updates, interfaces, and design elements, the user experience design, or as it is more commonly known, the UX design, is an ever-evolving feature that plays a significant role in any app's overall performance and user-friendliness. To be a successful UX designer, the first and foremost requirement is to observe the latest trends keenly and adopt them into your skills accordingly. Build familiarity with all the current on-going trends and know what works and what not before beginning with your own project. To help you stay in sync with the latest updates, here are 10 hottest UX design trends that garnered popularity in 2018. Have a look around and you might get some ideas to implement in your projects too: Emphasis on gesture-based interactions Recently, all touch screen interactions on both Android and iOS phones have also included the home button interface. Since the launch of Apple iPhone X, instead of a physical Home button, the phones now have a gesture-based Home menu. This surely means that designers will have to implement gesture-based features in their UX designing. Frameless visibility experience Since the unveiling of iPhoneX and Samsung Galaxy S8, the frameless design has emerged as one of the most demanded trends. Now as the users have phones with more screen space, they want to experience the full-screen experience and the UX designers have to work on the projects keeping it in mind. Age of short-format video clips Nothing captures the attention better than a video clip. Be it news, music, event or any other kind of information, it’s a hip idea to include a short-format video clip in the design. It does not take more than a few seconds of user time and thus catch on quickly. Formats like 360° videos, quick craft videos, quick tips videos, short talk videos and Facebook Live are some of the best examples of video format inclusion in UX design. Features of Chatbot Chatbots evolved from an experimental AI interface to a fully functional online assistance. Not only do they save time for both the customer and the business but are more precise. Every input is recorded as a feedback that helps with improving the business. As a successful UX designer, using chatbot feature in your project can boost your client’s business and hence, would strengthen your reputation in the industry. UI & UX Design Agency Upgraded personalized content This is the time when an average phone user likes to find things like restaurants, hotels, cabs, gas stations, etc. around himself without going through the hassle of entering his specific location. As an efficient UX designer, your design should have the feature of the tailored user interface so that people can rely on it without having any kind of doubt. Enabling cashless payment The number of people using cashless payment feature for various kind of payments has increased significantly in 2018 when compared to that of the previous year. Therefore, it would only be a good idea to include the cashless payment feature in the app design as it will enable users to make the payments directly from the app instead of going to the payment app repeatedly. User navigation simplification A step-wise UX design with a beginning, middle, and end interface is always easy to adapt to and encourages the users to use the app. Similarly, using progressive disclosure technique where an information or action is only visible on the screen when the user needs it has emerged as a popular UX design element. Less cluttered content Providing information regarding the kind of product or service offered by the app is undoubtedly important. However, it doesn’t mean you need to put a lot of content in the details section. Over cluttered content explaining any product or service is no more trendy. On the other hand, it is disconcerting to the user and they lose interest in the app. As a good UX design practice, you must keep the content less and precise. Sectionalized color themes Importance of color themes in UX design is one of the primary elements that need to be done right in order to make sure that the app in worthy enough to be downloaded by the targeted users. The latest trend in color schemes has been the use of vibrant colors for different notifications and menu options that make the app more visually appealing. The emergence of augmented reality/virtual reality One of the important UX design element that emerged in 2018 is augmented reality/virtual reality (UR/VR). Though this technology is not exactly new, it started to see a lot of UX design based implementations only recently. Besides its entertainment aspects (Snapchat filters and video games like Pokemon GO), AR/VR also helps with several real-life problems like the AR Measure that lets you measure objects without using a physical measurement tape or scale. A lot of experimental UX design elements were explored this year and the one’s that earned customer attention and preference are going to be around for some time. When it comes to analyzing and implementing the precise UX/UI design elements in your website, our team at Wisitech that consists of skilled Web and UX/UI designers knows how different design themes and aspects can be utilized and implemented in best way possible. No matter if it is homepage design -related query or any other color theme based issue, Wisitech is one of the best web design companies out there that get the job done, always.
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Top 5 Trends to Rock Social Media in 2019

Standing apart and getting noticed in the endless flood of information that streams into the social media every second across the world is no mean task. Look around and you will easily find people who have burnt their fingers as well as deep holes in their pockets with social media marketing. A commonly heard story is “I pumped in money to set up ads, boosted posts, promoted tweets and sponsored videos… did everything right but got no returns.” Well, there is more to it than meets the eye.

The Background

Social media platforms started as a great digital forum for getting connected to share information, experiences, photos and stories, where people used to chat with friends or family, forge online relationships and follow their idol’s profiles. Asthe power of the social media exploded, businesses big and small woke up to its incredible potential for targeting qualified audience groups and generating revenue. Just like every other digital medium, social media is constantly changing too, with new trends frequently replacing the previous ones. Analyzing and utilizing these trends is crucial to laser focus business strategies to garner a big audience for your venture and make money. To make things a bit easier for you, here is a list of 5 best social media marketing trends that might help you with making big bucks in 2019: What’s Trending

Video features

The success of endorsement through a video largely depends on how viral it goes on various social media platforms. Several trends have been popping up lately that play a pivotal role in making a video go viral. Some of the most popular trends that have emerged in past couple of years and will continue to grow in the next year are 360 Degree Videos, Square-Shaped Videos, and the ‘Stories’ feature on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. While 360 Degree Videos give a 360 degree tour of a particular location or event, Square-Shaped Videos are best suited for mobile devices and usually get viral these days because most of the people use cell phones to watch video clips. “Stories” feature on various social media platforms let the videos stay highlighted on the platform for 24 hours. Again, this kind of video goes viral really quick as it disappears in a day. Hence, it compels the users to make the purchase immediately.

Live streaming

Live streaming is yet another great example of personalized customer experience. Through features like Facebook Live and YouTube Live, businesses are live streaming behind-the-scenes look of their products and services to their targeted customers. This develops an instant connect and customers find it interesting to engage real time with a leading personality of the company talking about the product or service. Live streaming in 2019 is going to witness cut-throat competition in pushing the latest deals and offers. The instant connect brings instant customers, propelling an on-your-feet purchase decision.

User feedback

This is one of the most reliable and hottest social media trends for any kind of business. Not only has it made the potential customers trust in the product, but also has given them a hands-on experience by a user who is already utilizing the product. Businesses have been posting the feedbacks of their customers on various social media platforms as well as on several online stores too that give an honest description of the product. Reviews on online stores, star ratings, recommendations, feedback on messenger apps – the options for receiving qualified user feedback are many. Businesses are aggressively utilizing the features offered by social media to make the experience more user-friendly, interactive and engaging for the customers. social media services

Chatbot assistance

Chatbots and messenger apps are apt medium for customers to reach out to the respective businesses. In the same manner, the businesses can provide prompt assistance to their customers through these too. Several businesses have integrated chatbots on their Facebook pages that enable the potential customers who are curious about a particular product or service to inquire about it and receive an immediate response. The use of chatbots is undoubtedly going to be an efficient way to increase engagement and win the trust of the customers in the coming year. Other social media platforms such as WhatsApp and Kik have also included the chatbot features.

YouTube influencers

YouTube Influencers with thousands of subscribers and are nothing less than celebrities with their own fan following. Therefore, to get them to endorse a business or product is a great idea to ensure instant reach and connect. A video by a popular YouTube influencer goes viral in minutes and if it is compelling and persuasive enough to convince the subscribers about your product or service, you will find the orders rolling in. Social media has indeed played a pivotal role in providing a personalized experience to the customers and have boosted several businesses. This is only going to elevate in 2019 as more businesses will be opting for various promotion strategies for their products and services on these platforms. Also, the number of social media users is bound to increase significantly.

Looking to Promote your Website with Social Media Trends?

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A Guide on SEO Image Optimization

A picture is worth a thousand words. It’s hard to design, or even to imagine a website with no images. Despite the argument that images make a website heavy, it’s an open secret that they are important for user engagement, which is a key determinant of the website performance or search engine optimization. Today’s blog is dedicated to the art of image optimization. Before you dive into it, it’s important to understand the following aspects.

What is image optimization?

Google or any other search engines don’t see the images as humans with a normal vision do. Image optimization, sometimes also referred to as SEO image optimization, is attributing an identity and description to your image in the textual format which, in turn, helps the algorithm of the search engine and makes the site widely accessible. This web marketing technique also entails uploading images in the right dimension, format and size based on the guidelines of search engines. SEO image optimization is nothing but an attempt to democratize the Web.

Why is image optimization important?

Web pages with optimized images are crawled and indexed faster by search engines than the rest. You might have seen Google Search pulling out images from different web properties against your search query. The number of websites is nearing to 2 billion, according to Internet Live Stats, and they might be holding trillions of images, but you can’t expect Google or any other search engines to show all of those images on the top. Thoughtful optimization of images helps your website to gain a better visibility on the Web. It also enhances the user engagement and, ultimately, the user experience (UX), which contributes to conversion (user action).

Key Steps for Image Optimization

1. Use the right image meta data

What does image meta data include? It comprises of four components:
  1. Title
  2. Caption
  3. Alt Text
  4. Description
It’s important that the Web crawler knows what the image is about. However, it must be told in a systematic fashion. Luckily, the content management system of a website is provided with image optimization window to help you describe your image well. Also, strike a chord with your audience by using relevant keywords, but keep it human readable. a. Title – Add a suitable title in the title field describing your image. This title is used internally by WordPress or other web framework to sort images in the media library. Avoid using generic filenames like "image1.jpg", "pic.gif", "1.jpg". b. Image Alt text – This is a mandatory field as per HTML standards so it gets some attention. However, developers or marketers uploading the content often make a short cut here by keeping any arbitrary texts, stuffing keywords or pasting entire sentences in the field for the sake of complying with the standards. Remember, it’s important that you use the right keywords here as it’s is a ranking determinant in image search results. c. Description – Again it makes little sense if you are not serious in describing your image. Like a photographer, narrate the story behind the image - name of photographer, when the image was taken, geo information, camera information, etc. d. Caption – This is the visible text usually coming at the top or bottom of the image. The field can be within or outside the image border based on your theme. Add valuable information about the image. For instance, if it’s a picture of a monument and then your audience might be interested in knowing it’s year of built, the name of the architect, materials used and so on. The description is readable with mouse hover.

Creating an Image-Specific URL

You might have noticed a webpage or URL dedicated to an image, which SEO geeks called as slug URL. This helps with better indexing of the image in the search engine, and the probability of getting your images found against a search query increases manifolds with this. What’s the technique behind creating a slug URL? Click “Edit more details” at the bottom of the image meta data fields (discussed above). This leads to a page with the uploaded image.  Now, there are multiple fields – title (on the top of image), along with caption, alternate text and description. If you have added any SEO plugin like Yoast SEO, you get an entire set of fields for placing keywords-enriched meta tags. The tool also evaluates the readability aspect of the textual content you place here.

2. Use images of the right dimension

Using images of the right dimension shouldn’t be confused with shrinking or stretching the dimension of the image by applying source code. The latter makes the image to appear of a smaller or larger dimension than its original version, but that overburdens your site with codes, which is detrimental to the website speed. Moreover, it also takes away the quality of the image. How to know what image size is right for me? The answer is simple. Take image container size into consideration while creating or buying images.

3. Use images of the right file type

Use Web-compatible file extensions like .jpg.gif, or .png to save your image file. File types like .pdf, .psd, .tff, and .doc aren't web-compatible and such images go unnoticed by Google or other major search engines irrespective of their quality.4.

4. Reduce the file size of your images

Google and many third-party tools are there to help you with. Decreasing the size of the image files, you can increase the page load significantly. This is highly desirable considering the diminishing patience of digital consumers. If it’s a business website, try to limit the file size to 500 KB for the best response.

5. Optimize your thumbnails

Many websites, particularly in the ecommerce space, use thumbnail images, especially on their category pages. In haste, often SEO beginners leave them unattended, which shouldn’t be the case. All the steps that you follow for normal images have to be replicated without any bias for them as well.

6. Use image sitemaps

If your site uses Javascript galleries, image pop-ups, and similar image-oriented properties, it’s advisable to use image sitemaps which gets noticed by Google or other search engines. Hope you found the information on image optimization useful. Comment your thoughts. For SEO consultation, feel free to contact us. We have experts and expertise to make your website gain the attention of your target audience and contribute to your business growth.
How to optimize blog post images

Security Tips to Protect Your Website from Hackers

Website hacking has become more commonplace, dangerous and sophisticated. “My website doesn’t contain any sensitive data. Why would someone be interested in hacking it?” If you think the same way, you could be wrong. Sensitive data is not the only thing that entices hackers. Most of the times, they resort to hacking to gain access of the target web server and make use of it in illegal ways - to serve files of illegal nature, initiate spamming emails, to make it part of a botnet attack or to mine for Bitcoins. On the one hand, the hacking instance hampers your business prospects, while on the other it ropes you in illegal affairs. To help you secure your website from being hacked, Wisitech presents a 5-step formula.

1.  Keep Software Up-To-Date

It may sound obvious, but it’s one of the most effective security strategies to keep your site secured. Consider updating the technology framework – WordPress, Umbraco, Drupal, WooCommerce, Magento or any other to keep hackers at bay. Image Credit: Sucuri Consider updating the server operating system if you have an on-premise one. Software update not only helps with securing the website but also contributes towards its performance.  The updates for the software frameworks are easily available from their parental website.

2.  Check SQL injection

In this type of attack, the attacker inserts a rogue code in SQL statements into your query form field or URL parameter with a bid to modify or destroy the databases, steal information or delete data. This one of the most common web hacking techniques can be prevented by using parameterised queries. All popular web languages have this feature and it is easy to implement. how to test sql injection manually

3.  Watch Out for XSS Attacks

XSS or Cross-Site Scripting attacks inject malicious JavaScript into your pages, which can steal the information of your users either through user-generated-content like comments or form login cookies. This puts the reliability of your business at stake. Nowadays, all HTML-based front end web frameworks including Angular and Ember contain XSS protection. However, the mixing of server and client rendering has to be done intelligently, otherwise it could create more loopholes for malware.

4.  Give Attention to Error Messages

Don’t reveal too much technical information to the users when your website encounters a problem and fails to serve them. Disclosing API keys or database passwords can court in substantial risks in the form of SQL injection or something similar. As the information makes it easier for attackers to plan and execute web hacking techniques. Convey users information they need keeping detailed error report in your server logs only.

5.  Apply Client and Server Side Validation

Resorting to a double-layer validation helps you to check any unwelcome intrusion besides helping you to augment the UX (user experience) of the website. The client side validation is on the browser side using script languages such as JavaScript, VBScript or HTML5 attributes. The server side validation is pursued through one of the server side scripting languages such as ASP.Net, PHP, etc. Ask your web developers to implement a sophisticated and intelligent validation method that can identify and block malicious or scripting code effectively and keep your website secure.

Best ways to Promote Business on Facebook and Instagram

With more than 3.19 billion active users on Facebook and Instagram, you can’t risk ignoring your promotional strategy there. From brand awareness to engagement to conversion, Facebook and Instagram marketing is helping organizations of all sizes and types to achieve these goals at a lower investment than what they do with other formats of marketing, viz., SEO, affiliate and PPC, among others. To make the most of your Facebook and Instagram marketing endeavor, it’s important for you or your digital marketing agency to understand the demographics of your target audience.

Gender, Age and Location demographics


Image Credit: Sprout Social

Facebook Attracts All Age-Groups, Women Take a Lead

Unlike Instagram or Snapchat that attracts youngsters mostly, Facebook is popular amidst all age-groups. Almost, 79% of the Internet users have an account with it as studied by Sprout Social. • 88% of 18–29 year olds use Facebook • 84% of 30–49 year olds use Facebook • 72% of 50–64 year old use Facebook • 62% of 65+ year old use Facebook The figures are quite interesting. The Generation X is not much behind the Millennials. The Baby Boomers and their seniors are also catching up to the social fever of Facebook. Women are taking a lead against men.

Facebook Blurs the Gaps between the Urban and Rural

Knowing your targeted areas is yet another notable advantage that can help grow your business by reaching the maximal desired audience. • 81% of adults living in urban areas use Facebook. • 81% of adults living in rural areas use Facebook. • 77% of adults living in suburban areas use Facebook. The data is overly astonishing as it shows that both metropolitan and countryside users are equally inclined to use Facebook. This gives rise to the fact that Facebook is uniformly popular everywhere no matter how developed the area is.


Instagram comparatively being a much younger tool is no less in alluring the desired clientele. It is now rated as one of the most significant marketing tools after Facebook. Instagram Demographics Image source: Sprout Social

Instagram is Younger than Facebook, Women Maintain the Lead

Facebook owned photo and video-sharing social networking service, Instagram, is much popular among the young than any other age group. • 59% of 18–29 year olds use Instagram. • 33% of 30–49 year olds use Instagram. • 18% of 50–64 year olds use Instagram. • 8% of people 65+ use Instagram. • 38% of online women use Instagram. • 28% of online men use Instagram. It is vivid that the generation Y scores the top-notch percentage in reaping the benefits of umpteen awesome features offered by Instagram. Here again, women have outnumbered men.

Instagram Blurs the Location-Based Disparity, Albeit at a Slower Pace than Facebook

• 39% of adults living in urban areas use Instagram. • 31% of adults living in rural areas use Instagram. • 28% of adults living in suburban areas use Instagram. Clearly, the developed areas have higher number of habitues showing that Instagram could be more influential advertising tool in the metropolitan areas than in underdeveloped ones.
  1. Best posting day and time Apparently, the best time to showcase your goods and services on the social network is the peak active hours of maximal target audience engagement. But until you have a clear cut idea about how many people will get engaged, there is no use of working hard on the social media posts. Further, it is ridiculous to think that the right posting time is same across all networks. The truth is that the interaction of viewers with different platforms is different. Let us take a look at the unique data to understand the optimum promotional hours on social media.


Best Times to Post on Facebook Image source: Sprout Social The global engagement gives a clear picture of common active social networking hours of maximal users around the world. People log in to Facebook on both mobile devices and desktop computers, both at work and at home. The above demograph clearly shows that highest click through rates are around mid-day.
  • Generally, the safest times to post is shown to be the weekdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Wednesday and Thursday are highly engaging while Saturdayis least engaging
  • Evenings and early mornings are seen to be least appealing for the social interaction.


Best Times to Post on Instagram Image source: Sprout Social Unlike Facebook, Instagram is meant for use on mobile devices and is a home of visual content.
  •  Thursday is most engaging day followed by Wednesday and Friday whereas Sunday is least captivating.
  • Generally, the safest days to post are from Tuesday to Friday and the safest posting time is from 10 a.m. to 4p.m.
For the starters, morning 5’O clock is the golden time to showcase their business
  1. Country wise leading users
The popularity of various social media platforms differ largely by the level of usage in different countries. Understanding this trend is really important when targeting specific audiences.


It is quite fascinating to learn that the premier position in terms of Instagram social interaction is begged by USA with 120 million monthly active users followed by Brazil which has nearly half users of that of USA. Clearly, Americans are big fans of social visual content. [caption id="attachment_2626" align="aligncenter" width="674"]Countries with most Instagram users 2018 Countries with The Highest Number of Instagram Users (Users in Millions)[/caption] Image source: Statista


The leading global social platform, Facebook is apparently the most important asset for the social marketers. Surprisingly and interestingly, it is most handy societal platform for the Indians closely followed by Americans. This gives rise to the fact that a business can well boom through Facebook in these nations. [caption id="attachment_2625" align="aligncenter" width="670"]countries with most Facebook users 2018 Countries with The Highest Number of Facebook Users (Users in Millions)[/caption] Image source: Statista 3. Usage: The basic tricks to utilize these golden marketing platforms include the appropriate target audience, posting content, tools to have high customer reach etc.

How to use Facebook

• Who should use it: Everyone • What to share: All types of online content, events, ads • Post frequency: Once or twice a day • Useful tools: Bitly, the URL shortener, does more than just shrink down links. Each time you convert a link, Bitly offers stats on clicks generated from that specific link, making it helpful to see how much traffic is brought directly from sharing to Facebook.

How to use Instagram

• Who should use it: Lifestyle, food, fashion, personalities and luxury brands • What to share: Share visual content, including short videos (less than 15 seconds) • Post frequency: Once a day • Useful tools: While hashtags are clickable and useful for search purposes, links in comments and captions are not. Hashtags must trendy and relevant, only then they could be useful else using a bunch of irrelevant hashtags is nothing more than a stupidity. Studying the demographs makes it clear that Facebook and Instagram could be the magical tools in spreading the business to a wider area. Also we have learnt the proficient ways to use these tools to engage the target clientele easily and efficiently. The proper and planned usage of these resources can help take a business to new level.
Instagram Demographics

‘Proactive-ness and Desire to Think Solutions as Their Own Project’ – HRHelpdesk.in Reviews Wisitech

HRHelpdesk.in is a Specialised HR Consulting that take care of all your HR needs from validated data to rewards and training plans, from productivity management to career building. Initially, we started with a smaller project of presenting a section of presenting a survey report on the website that explored the scourge of sexual harassment of women in the workplace. Happy with the solution we presented, they upscaled the project to a complete revamp of their website. We had a tight deadline to meet their nationwide launch and within that time we had to design, develop and deploy the corporate site which would have a unique positioning of encouraging women to work on Human Resource Development-related assignments from home or office. On successful completion of the project within the specified deadline and budget, we were delighted and excited to receive this great appreciation from the client Mandeep Singh, Partner - Talent & Rewards at HRhelpdesk.in on Good Firms Review. [caption id="attachment_2449" align="alignleft" width="278"]Mandeep Singh HR Helpdesk Mandeep Singh
Partner - Talent & Rewards at HRhelpdesk.in[/caption] We needed to develop a site in a short while for a nationwide launch. The team at Wisitech was not only able to understand what we want as an outcome but were able to give ideas and suggestions to make sure the site is user-friendly and communicates the message we want to. Above all, everything came in the budget we had. Overall I found them solution oriented and a team which works almost as an extended arm of my project team. I have come back to them a second time and have given references to other clients also. They are someone who would be able to deliver what is promised with an added few extras. What do you like most about the company? Their proactive-ness and the desire to think for solutions as if it is their own project and not as clients. Good firms review of Wisitech by HR Helpdesk Services: Web Development Project Budget: $10001 to $50000 Project Duration: 4 Weeks Project Status: Completed Like what you've been reading? Contact me at partho@wisitech.com or call me direct 011.4651.6521 for useful and professional advice on what you can do to turn your ecommerce venture, website or digital marketing towards greater sales and higher profits. 
Mandeep Singh HR Helpdesk

Magento Development- A Fascinating E-Commerce Platform in 2017

Widely known as the world’s best and leading commerce platform; Magento offers its clients the industry leading solutions, products and services for the brand’s better sales and increased profits. From small to medium and large startups and running businesses; every business owner looks for the best offer he can get to run the brand’s e-store and succeed in the e-commerce domain. Magento comes with the latest features and updates to make this possible for business runners present worldwide.

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Google Penguin 4.0 Update – Now Part of Real Time Search Algorithm

If you are working as an SEO specialist in any organization, then you must be aware of the regular updates Google releases from time to time in order to stop web spam activities. The latest of course is Google Penguin 4.0 Update. Google’s team works very hard on these updates, so that all businesses follow search engine guidelines defined by Google. As a result of this, the end user will be delivered with the highly relevant and accurate result in the SERP. Read more
Penguin 4 update