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Snap Analytx, A New Space for Sharing Big Data: A Wisitech Success

Wisitech recently developed the website of Snap Analytx, an innovative way to share pre-built prediction models and build space for sharing big data.

Snap Analytx: Share your prediction models with the world

The Challenge To position a start-up as an exciting, new space for sharing big data, especially in a market dominated by IT mammoths like IBM, Oracle, SAS and Microsoft. Read more

Will Google+ Outdo Facebook?

Can Google, the Big Daddy of Internet ventures, feel threatened by Johnny-come-lately social networking site? Yes, it does and takes the challenge right by the horns.

Facebook, which has grown, spread and simply exploded over the web to become the biggest social networking site in history, has outsmarted its predecessors such as MySpace, Orkut, Hi5 and others to become a synonym for networking, sharing, connecting on the web. Read more

Five Simple Steps To Building An AdWords Campaign

Google is undoubtedly the most popular search engine on the Internet and the undisputed leader on the World Wide Web. Google offers a revolutionary advertising tool called AdWords which was launched a few years back with the purpose of providing highly targeted advertising solutions. It has given tremendous results to marketers in terms of web marketing services and shown remarkable growth in the past few years. The five simple steps to an excellent AdWords campaign or great web marketing services are the following not necessarily in hierarchical order. Read more
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You Cannot Do Without Search Engine Marketing

Internet marketing for search engines better known as Search Engine Marketing, is undoubtedly  the most happening platform for marketing your product or service online. Search Engine Marketing is not just a part of your marketing campaign, it is the most integral part. In fact, it is a must for any Internet marketing solution. A mammoth number of searches, well over a few billion, is performed by a global audience on the Internet every month. Despite its growing popularity, many people are still unsure about what exactly is search engine marketing.  Read more
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The Fundamentals Of A Good Website

There are many intricate details which have to be borne in mind when conceptualizing a good website. When we say a good website, what do we mean by good? What is it we term as a good website? A good website should be user friendly, result oriented and easily navigable. Content should not be heavy. There should be a delicate balance between content and graphics. The visual weight of a website is what will finally decide how appealing a website is. Visual weight defines itself as how soon and how long you are able to catch the attention of a visitor on your website. Read more
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Social Media Marketing Will Gain Greater Prominence

The most dreaded word in the last decade was ‘recession’. A host of other words which gained short term importance for a while were cost cutting and layoffs. With companies taking to rampant cost cutting in their advertising budgets, one was left wondering whether big corporates and organizations would stop promoting their goods and services all together. But marketing is a continuous activity and is something which cannot be dispensed with. Message after message have to be churned out from time to time in order to keep your brand on the top of mind of consumers. Read more
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Laws Of Blogging

The most important fundamental human right is the freedom of expression. Anyone and anybody should be able to express their views without being discriminated against. Now the Internet has made it even simpler for us to express ourselves on the web and be heard. Blogging is the powerful web tool available to anyone armed with an internet connection and persuasive writing skills. Read more
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The “SMS of the Internet”

Twitter has been a runaway success since it was launched about three years ago. Originally Twitter began as a web application inspired by the status message syndrome which is very popular on social networking sites. It is increasingly becoming more addictive as we are curious to know what friends and colleagues are up to. To make it more accessible, the popular web application has been made phone enabled now. That’s why twitter is rightly called the ‘sms of the Internet’. Read more
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Building Strong Brands Through Social Networking

Social networking is catching on very quickly among marketers in this fast changing world where new applications are being implemented on the internet almost everyday. Now, appropriate web marketing can create very loyal customers for your brand. The term viral marketing is very apt in social networking because once a new trend or a video becomes popular on the web, it spreads across the whole online community like a “virus”. Brands are using web marketing, in social networking sites, very innovatively through events, quizzes, contests and other applications of the sorts to very smartly drive traffic to their websites and thereby improve their performance. Read more
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