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10 Hottest UX Design Trends of 2019

January 15, 2019
The mobile app universe is one of the fastest changing technological aspects in the world right now. With all the new updates, interfaces, and design elements, the user experience design, or as it is more commonly known, the UX design, is an ever-evolving feature that plays a significant role in any app's overall performance and user-friendliness. To be a successful UX designer, the first and foremost requirement is to observe the latest trends keenly and adopt them into your skills accordingly. Build familiarity with all the current on-going trends andSEE DETAILS

Top 5 Trends to Rock Social Media in 2019

December 2, 2018
Standing apart and getting noticed in the endless flood of information that streams into the social media every second across the world is no mean task. Look around and you will easily find people who have burnt their fingers as well as deep holes in their pockets with social media marketing. A commonly heard story is “I pumped in money to set up ads, boosted posts, promoted tweets and sponsored videos… did everything right but got no returns.” Well, there is more to it than meets the eye. The BackgroundSEE DETAILS

Top 5 Recent Website Design Trends that Impact Customer Experience

October 26, 2018

Several technological advancements in the field of website designing have emerged lately that connect it with the aspects of technology such as improved website design frameworks, new innovations in user experience/user interface (UX/UI), artificial intelligence (AI), parallax scrolling etc.

How to optimize blog post images

A Guide on SEO Image Optimization

October 9, 2018

A picture is worth a thousand words. It’s hard to design, or even to imagine a website with no images. Despite the argument that images make a website heavy, it’s an open secret that they are important for user engagement, which is a key determinant of the website performance or search engine optimization. Today’s blog is dedicated to the art of image optimization. Before you dive into it, it’s important to understand the following aspects.

how to do kindle publishing

How to Take Full Advantage of Kindle to Publish Your Dream Book

September 6, 2018
Becoming a published author is a dream of many writers. Undoubtedly, getting your novel or short stories’ collection or poems’ compilation published is not an easy task, especially, if you are  a debutant or do not own any famed titles. However, with the advent of digital technology, nothing is impossible anymore. There used to be a time when self-published authors  had to face a dismissive readership. Amazon’s publishing platform Kindle proved to be the gamechanger. In a short spell of its existence (launched in 2007), it has  become the mostSEE DETAILS

Security Tips to Protect Your Website from Hackers

August 24, 2018
Website hacking has become more commonplace, dangerous and sophisticated. “My website doesn’t contain any sensitive data. Why would someone be interested in hacking it?” If you think the same way, you could be wrong. Sensitive data is not the only thing that entices hackers. Most of the times, they resort to hacking to gain access of the target web server and make use of it in illegal ways - to serve files of illegal nature, initiate spamming emails, to make it part of a botnet attack or to mine forSEE DETAILS
Instagram Demographics

Best ways to Promote Business on Facebook and Instagram

July 26, 2018
With more than 3.19 billion active users on Facebook and Instagram, you can’t risk ignoring your promotional strategy there. From brand awareness to engagement to conversion, Facebook and Instagram marketing is helping organizations of all sizes and types to achieve these goals at a lower investment than what they do with other formats of marketing, viz., SEO, affiliate and PPC, among others. To make the most of your Facebook and Instagram marketing endeavor, it’s important for you or your digital marketing agency to understand the demographics of your target audience.SEE DETAILS

5 Reasons Why Your E-commerce Cannot Afford to Ignore Artificial Intelligence

July 5, 2018
From USD 2.3 trillion in 2017, the worth of eCommerce transactions is estimated to reach USD 4.88 trillion in 2021. Sounds great? Of course, it is. But the meager contribution of eCommerce in the total retail sales (In the same period, from 10.2% to 17.5%) explains a huge gap which, in fact, is an opportunity to tap into. Wisitech explores its critical usability in our regular business. How Familiar are We to AI or Artificial Intelligence? You might have noticed your kid making use of Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana orSEE DETAILS

How to Optimize for Google Voice Search

July 2, 2018
50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020, according to comScore. Watching the increasing adoption of smartphones and smart speakers such as Amazon Echo, Google Home, HomePod, to name a few, it’s evident that voice search is going to bring a tectonic shift in digital marketing. With artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning evolving rapidly to understand the intent of searchers, marketers can’t resort to any shortcuts to ride the tide. Wisitech, a leading digital marketing agency, explores new possibilities on how to optimize Google Voice Search inSEE DETAILS

Essential Tips Sellers Must Know About Etsy Teams

May 10, 2018
The world’s biggest online platform for handcrafted and vintage items, a paradise for creative entrepreneurs, and the easiest, most user-friendly ecommerce platform for startups and small businesses - this is how the world knows Etsy. However, like Amazon, Etsy is also a sea of sellers. You are competing with millions. According to, as of 2014, Etsy has got 1.4 million sellers. You’ve got to play smartly to get noticed and attract sales. In this post, we at Wisitech, digital marketing partner to many an Etsy seller, unravels the secretSEE DETAILS
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