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Why Amazon Web Services (AWS) Is a Must Have for Your Website & eCommerce

March 1, 2018

Implementing Amazon cloud computing solution? Efficient Amazon Web Services (AWS) can make a key difference to how your business builds profits.


Today’s Norms of Management: Decentralize, Involve, Be Socially Just

January 7, 2018

Peeyush Sharma explores emerging management norms that are essentially a hark back to our pristine value systems but with contemporary technological thrust.

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6 Steps – How to Take a Client Through the Sales Funnel Successfully

June 10, 2017

Matrix of a Sale: Though each situation and product market is different, yet there are certain basics that need to be followed for a successful sales funnel.

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Customizing WordPress and WooCommerce: The Bowdabra Success

May 31, 2017

Bowdabra.com, the online showcase and store of the famous craft tool Bowdabra Bowmaker is a shining example of the level of hi-end and complex customization you can do with WordPress and WooCommerce.

The Secret of Discreet Control in Closing a Sale

May 23, 2017

No sale happens unless seller is in control. Allow me to exemplify in simple equations. Situation 1: Store is in Control We go to a store to buy an item, say a shirt. There is an item on display and for sale, it has a price tag, it is in a mode of packing, the … Read more

‘Proactive-ness and Desire to Think Solutions as Their Own Project’ – HRHelpdesk.in Reviews Wisitech

April 19, 2017

HRHelpdesk.in is a Specialised HR Consulting that take care of all your HR needs from validated data to rewards and training plans, from productivity management to career building. Initially, we started with a smaller project of presenting a section of presenting a survey report on the website that explored the scourge of sexual harassment of … Read more

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Trust the “PERMANENT” Within You – Values in Management

April 15, 2017

Trust the source that is permanent within your own self. My very being, my inherent nature, my characteristics, my strengths and capabilities are within me. Permanent. The properties, my bank balances, my belongings, my cars, clothes and watches, everything I posses, has little or no permanency. It can all go. All of it can be … Read more

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ChurchHive.com – A Proud Success of Developing Customized Job Site in Laravel Framework

March 27, 2017

churchHive, an innovative job search site that bridges the gap between churches in the USA and people looking for church jobs is one of Wisitech’s latest and complex projects designed, developed and deployed on Laravel framework.

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That Extra Mile – The Secret Behind Exceeding Targets

March 8, 2017

Often in our professional life we refer to ‘going that extra mile’ to serve a customer, or seek a prospect or make a sale. In my professional life I have believed going that extra mile is first and foremost for my own self. In all these years, it hurts my own self image if I … Read more

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Embrace the Change in the Online Market

February 20, 2017

Be it in the course of nature, in family life, in career and profession, in social context or what may it be. Change is inevitable and must be embraced. And the best news is that help is available.

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