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The Secret of Discreet Control in Closing a Sale

No sale happens unless seller is in control. Allow me to exemplify in simple equations.Situation 1: Store is in ControlWe go to a store to buy an item, say a shirt. There is an item on display and for sale, it has a price tag, it is in a mode of packing, the store has its’ sales and other terms, we follow all. Some stores allow a trial and some have monitored trial rooms. We pay for the shirt as the store accepts.All these are control that the store exerts. Without such basics there will be utter chaos. Read more

That Extra Mile – The Secret Behind Exceeding Targets

Often in our professional life we refer to ‘going that extra mile’ to serve a customer, or seek a prospect or make a sale. In my professional life I have believed going that extra mile is first and foremost for my own self.In all these years, it hurts my own self image if I have done any job without going that extra mile. It is a matter of forming it as a habit, part of my very being. At the end of the day, any day, I need to face myself and say, I did my best. Not all days give a desired result, but that is not in my control. What is in my control is my effort and performance. Read more
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Embrace the Change in the Online Market

By late fall each year; we Canadians get ready to welcome winter. Winters in Canada can be severe. I am sure people all around the world from all walks of life get prepared to accept what needs to be accepted as a change. Be it in the course of nature, in family life, in career and profession, in social context or what may it be. Change is inevitable and must be embraced. And the best news is that help is available. Read more
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Sales Dropping in Your Etsy/Amazon Store? It’s SEO You Need

In the past few months, many a client have approached us with the concern that they are witnessing a steady fall in the positioning and search visibility of their products in their Etsy or Amazon stores, which is adversely affecting their sales and profits. Either their shops which had good sales turnover are witnessing alarming dips or their products are not showing up in the search results at all.Read more

Famous Four Objections in Closing a Sale

Described in different terms, these four are considered as the main causes why a sale does not see its’ closure. Seen particularly from the prospective of a sales person, the main hurdles in closing a sale are:
  1. No Money
  2. No Time
  3. No Rush
  4. No Confidence
These are valid reasons and crop up in different ways, manners and expressions. Let us re-visit them and understand how they impede sales – be it a product, a service or a solution.Read more

10 Dos and Don’ts for Field Sales Persons

No matter what product one represents, no matter what territory one works in, here are primary dos and don’ts for every field sales person that must be adhered to:

5 Dos for Field Sales Personnel

Do your home work, a pre trip planning. Know what your plans for the day are. Know who are you calling on and the area you are working in. Plan out how much travel is involved and how you plan to travel. Estimate the time the travel would consume. Read more

Essential Ingredients of a Good Sales Letter – Part I – What It Can Do For Your Business

Ritesh SahayWriting sales letter is the second most lucrative form of writing, first being writing ransom notes!  Sounds witty? But I mean it.An effective sales letter can actually act as a cash sucking unit. It can tremendously help you to pocket more sales and penetrate sharply into newer markets worldwide. Plus, it can also be used as an effective way to be in touch with your existing customers and keep them informed on new product arrivals. Read more
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