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Embrace the Change in the Online Market

By late fall each year; we Canadians get ready to welcome winter. Winters in Canada can be severe. I am sure people all around the world from all walks of life get prepared to accept what needs to be accepted as a change. Be it in the course of nature, in family life, in career and profession, in social context or what may it be. Change is inevitable and must be embraced. And the best news is that help is available. Read more
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Sales Dropping in Your Etsy/Amazon Store? It’s SEO You Need

In the past few months, many a client have approached us with the concern that they are witnessing a steady fall in the positioning and search visibility of their products in their Etsy or Amazon stores, which is adversely affecting their sales and profits. Either their shops which had good sales turnover are witnessing alarming dips or their products are not showing up in the search results at all.Read more

Google Penguin 4.0 Update – Now Part of Real Time Search Algorithm

If you are working as an SEO specialist in any organization, then you must be aware of the regular updates Google releases from time to time in order to stop web spam activities. The latest of course is Google Penguin 4.0 Update.Google’s team works very hard on these updates, so that all businesses follow search engine guidelines defined by Google. As a result of this, the end user will be delivered with the highly relevant and accurate result in the SERP.Read more
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7 SEO Predictions and #BigIdeas2016

What are the #BigIdeas2016 for Internet Marketing? Well, there is no dearth of ideas really. Question is which of these #BigIdeas2016 are here to stay and reap results and which are just bubbles that will burst after a while.If we look back at 2015, one of the biggest trends of the year was mobile traffic overtaking the desktop traffic. Not surprisingly, this has given a powerful overhaul to search engine optimization practices.#BigIdeas2016 for SEO is going to be leaning heavily in favour of mobile traffic, which in all likelihood will increase further. In 2016, the aim will remain to fetch more out of conversions.Let's have a look at some of the #BigIdeas2016 projections: Read more
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Make sure your Online Listings are Right and Consistent

Most of the entrepreneurs, big or small, know the significance of listing their businesses online; unfortunately not many of them give undue attention to updating the information of their businesses online.It is essential to stop wasting your time, money and energy behind insignificant marketing tools that have less ROI, and focus on online listings of your business. Read more

SEO Tricks That Will Work in 2014

The unannounced and unexpected arrival of Google algorithms every now and then makes the SEO world go into a tizzy.The year 2013 rocked the world of web marketers with the launch of Hummingbird and improvisation of Penguin and Panda. Many conventional rules and tried techniques for search engine optimization and marketing were reviewed or dumped.Now that we have entered 2014, there are some SEO practices which will still rule and some new ones would need to be adopted. Let's have a look at some of the SEO trends that will rule 2014:Read more
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7 Social Media Strategies you can Use Right Now to Improve your Search Ranking

It is now clear that social media has an impact on search rankings. So how do you leverage social media to maximize your search rankings?Here are 7 simple strategies to do so:1. Share Your Content Immediately on Social Media No doubt, you knew that sharing your content on social media is good for SEO because it makes your content visible immediately to your followers, prompting shares and likes that are helpful in bumping up your rankings. But did you know that tweeting your content actually helps your content get indexed faster, as shown by this SEOMoz experiment? Read more

Tips to Fly High with Hummingbird Algorithm Update

Google on September 26th announced the launch of the new search algorithm, Hummingbird (though Google had started to use it a month earlier).Hummingbird is focusing on each word in query or keyword (entered by searcher), ensuring that search results are based on the meaning of the complete sentence or phrase or conversation rather than individual words. Read more