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Building Strong Brands Through Social Networking

July 30, 2009 |
Social networking is catching on very quickly among marketers in this fast-changing world where new applications are being implemented on the internet almost every day. Now, appropriate web marketing can create very loyal customers for your brand. Social Media Marketing Services The term viral marketing is very apt in social networking because once a new trend or a video becomes popular on the web, it spreads across the whole online community like a “virus”. Brands are using web marketing, in social networking sites, very innovatively through events, quizzes, contests and other applications of the sorts to very smartly drive traffic to their websites and thereby improve their performance.Worldwide, the most popular social networking site is Facebook and it is competing with Google and other social networking sites to become the leader in web marketing. Other popular social networking sites such as Youtube, Orkut and Twitter are catching on very quickly, giving tough competition to the leaders such as FB and MySpace. Whenever a new video is posted on Youtube, it spreads rapidly through recommendations by friends and colleagues. Word of mouth is very important in traditional marketing as well as online marketing, particularly so because rampant spamming has wreaked untold damage on the credibility of email marketing. Brands thus also try to attract the active participation of their customers through catchy headlines encouraging them to take part in online games, quizzes, contests, sales promotions, events, etc. The key here is networking. Networking usually involves a give and take relationship. You have to give something to your potential customer first and then you can expect a response or take back something from them. This requires a lot of effort as you have to stay visible on the web always without intruding into your customer’s privacy. You have to constantly upgrade your communication and keep in touch on a sustained basis. Social networking will play a much active role in the years to come and reduce the role of traditional marketing in building stronger brands.brand marketing through social media

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