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Metrics Go Offline: Google’s Real-World Data Push

One of the unexpected repercussions of the advent of Big Data is increased expectations. The internet revolutionized marketing by bringing huge amounts of data to marketers’ fingertips: suddenly, marketers could understand just who their ads were reaching, and not only that, but how they were being reached and how they were interacting with that advertisement. This lead to a massive expansion of what marketers could be expected to know and do. Impressions, engagement, and clicks became metrics to live and die by. Read more
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Stop Doing this on Facebook Immediately!

With over 1 billion active users, Facebook attains the tag of the most popular social networking website. The reach of Facebook has inspired companies across the world to use it as a promotional tool for their products and services. Almost every company has got a Facebook business page where they display their products and services. In order to get immediate benefits or gain instant popularity in the form of likes, shares and comments, more and more users are resorting to shameful practices. Read more

No Need to be Scared of Google Penguin. Play by the Google’s Webmaster Rules!

In the previous blog, Google Penguin was discussed in detail. In this current blog, we will discuss about the solutions to brink back your website in the Top Ten rankings while strictly following the Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. If you have been affected by the Google Penguin, here are a few tips to get back on track. If you have survived, you still need to keep these things in mind. Read more
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Google Search Goes the Penguin Way

Still unaware of Google Penguin and its effect! Here is your answer: Google Penguin is referred as a code name for recent Google algorithm update that was introduced by Google on April 24, 2012. It is aimed at promoting high quality content which is more relevant and useful for the users. Read more
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Will Google+ Outdo Facebook?

Can Google, the Big Daddy of Internet ventures, feel threatened by Johnny-come-lately social networking site? Yes, it does and takes the challenge right by the horns.

Facebook, which has grown, spread and simply exploded over the web to become the biggest social networking site in history, has outsmarted its predecessors such as MySpace, Orkut, Hi5 and others to become a synonym for networking, sharing, connecting on the web. Read more

Reach out to your local Customers with Local Search Optimization

The latest trend to hit the tech world of connectivity and networking is local search engine optimization. With web technologies for targeting exact geographical locations advancing at a blazing pace, everyone who needs to reach out to its local target audience is jumping on to the bandwagon of local search. It has now become vital for everyone, from companies large and small to individual entrepreneurs and startups to promote their business in a way that their local audience can find them. Read more
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Five Simple Steps To Building An AdWords Campaign

Google is undoubtedly the most popular search engine on the Internet and the undisputed leader on the World Wide Web. Google offers a revolutionary advertising tool called AdWords which was launched a few years back with the purpose of providing highly targeted advertising solutions. It has given tremendous results to marketers in terms of web marketing services and shown remarkable growth in the past few years. The five simple steps to an excellent AdWords campaign or great web marketing services are the following not necessarily in hierarchical order. Read more
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