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Common Design Mistakes in E-Commerce Website

February 16, 2022 |

ecommerce-website-development-servicesIt is crucial to have a website, which appeals aesthetically and has well-structured navigation in place as well. Everyone will agree that online shopping is a booming space these days, and the surge has been steep also because of the ongoing pandemic. As such, you should have a meaningful and proper e-commerce design. If you are serious about designing an effective e-commerce website, there should be proper planning and implementation using the most recent trends in web design. It will ensure visibility for your content and products on the Internet. Check out these mistakes to avoid while designing your e-commerce website so that your sales and revenue can go up.

Mistake 1: Inconsistencies in Design

If there is an absence of proper consistency in your website’s style, tone, image quality, and visual identity, the experience and quality of an online store will suffer. Any good brand makes sure that things are simple:

  • They use fonts that they can depend on
  • They do not like to complicate things
  • They use a particular color palette

If there is a mismatch of various style elements, people may be confused, and your brand can look messy. The same rule applies to the tone used in the site. It appears strange when one moment you use a formal tone and the next moment you treat the visitor as your buddy. Therefore, your website should have a consistent look and feel.


Mistake 2: Substandard Images

Many e-commerce website designers do not realize the repercussions of using low-quality pictures. Such images can act as a deterrent for your online conversion. If images are not attractive, no one will want to buy your products or services. A common mistake many designers make is to use a lot of stock images on their websites. It is a wrong step and can hurt your brand. Instead, you should go for carefully chosen product visuals to showcase your products from various angles so that online users appreciate what they are purchasing.

ecommerce website development company

Mistake 3: Low-Quality Product Descriptions

A product description is crucial as it has all the details a prospective buyer needs to know. As such, it should be legible and easy to understand. The product description should also follow the tone of its brand. On the other hand, if your product descriptions are not strong, it will be a big struggle to sell your offerings. To put it simply, all product descriptions on the website should be informative and easy to understand. Just think from the perspective of your customers! As they would put in their hard-earned money to buy a product from your website, they should be sure that they are investing the funds on the right thing. It will be difficult for these people to decide if the product description is incomplete.

low quality product descriptions

Mistake 4: Excessive Pop-Ups

Too many pop-ups can be annoying for web users. Put yourself in their shoes and imagine that you are surfing a website. How will you feel when a web user constantly sees pop-up messages on screen? These messages can easily distract you from the task you are trying to complete. Avoid using a pop-up of any type when a user is trying to checkout as it can be quite a frustrating experience. If a visitor is purchasing an item from your site and he/she keeps seeing pop-up messages, your website design is distracting and irritating them. Such incorrect designs can eventually lead to a lost sale. Are you planning to design your e-commerce website soon and do not want to make these same mistakes? Make sure to get in touch with a professional e-commerce website design company with expert designers. Get in touch with Wisitech, India’s leading website design company, and relax. After all, we have over 20 years of experience in this space.

Excessiv Pop Ups

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