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Creating Computer Based Training (CBT) Program – A Roadmap

November 28, 2008 |

Creating Computer Based Training (CBT) Program – A Roadmap
Computercbt-training Based Training or CBT is a highly effective and interesting medium of teaching and learning. As this medium of training is integrated with various applications, it helps in making the learning session more interactive and fun.

In fact considering the benefits of CBTs and Web Based Training (WBT) programs, there are several corporate firms and individuals who are investing money in designing these e-learning solutions for imparting and receiving training.

Developing a good CBT program is a highly technical job and needs to be done at its own pace. Since CBT programs involve a large amount of graphics and text along with animation and other multi-media elements, experienced web designing firms such as Wisitech also offer CBT and WBT development services along with web design and development services.. If you are interested in getting a CBT or WBT developed, it would be a good idea to look for experienced web designing firms for outsourcing.

Here is a roadmap which is generally followed in making a CBT program.

Understanding the Client’s Requirements

To develop a new CBT project, you need to first understand the requirements of the client. Until you get a clear idea about the purpose of the CBT and for whom it is intended, you will not be able to conceptualise the program in the right manner. A clear understanding of the objectives of the CBT, the demographics of the target audience and the client’s requirements is essential for making a CBT program which directly connects with the target audience and creates an impact. If it does that, the client will be satisfied and there won’t be any last minute changes.

Creation of the Storyboard

On the basis of the elements provided by the client a storyboard of the training module is created. Here the designer creates a rough idea of where the text, the images and sounds can be used and whether the whole concept will take the shape of a coherent program. In this stage, the theme of the e-learning model is given shape with the help of text and graphics.

At this stage the layout of the screen shots is planned with emphasis on colors, style and text size among other things. While designing the storyboard, the main area of concentration is to see check whether every screen and frame is explaining, enhancing, and improving the overall learning process.

Sometimes the content is provided by the client. In other cases, the client outlines his purpose and target audience to the web designing firm and leaves it to their creative team to develop the storyboard.

Designing the Characters

The storyboard conceives some characters who play a crucial role in making a CBT training module interactive and interesting. The idea behind investing on a CBT training module is to involve the audience and the best way to do so is by using characters in animated or non-animated format.

For instance, it is not enough to pepper a CBT for children with text and bright colors. The storyboard must be interesting enough to ignite the curiosity of children. You can even make math and sums interesting by adding a story element with intelligent use of images, text, characters and sound effects.


A CBT training model has both the audio and visual elements. The characters to be used in the e-learning process need to have good voice over to create a real class room like effect.

Graphic User Interface

A CBT learning module can only be an effective medium of learning if both the teachers’ and the users’ requirements are fulfilled. A web based learning tool will only be widely used if its application is immediately understandable and easy for everybody. To ensure this, the design must involve a simple graphical user interface (GUI). This GUI must show all the main features of the tool at first sight with easy to understand navigation system.

Creation of Slides

Once the storyboard is chalked out in detail, we move to the designing stage. Content, characters and voice over are put together page by page. All the elements to make the various slides of the CBT module and all the pages are combined together in a systematic manner.

Final Testing

At the end of the development process of a CBT program, a thorough testing of the final product is carried out to make it error free. Here the testing is done in a detailed manner to make sure that the final output is of professional quality.

The Computer Based Training (CBT) designed by us is incorporated with quality content and cutting-edge technologies. As a web design outsourcing firm based in India, we at Wisitech always give importance to the client requirements. This is why we have been able to create highly interactive, easy-to-use and effective CBT and WBT solutions as per the client’s requirements.

For creating the best e-learning solutions, there is specific methodology used by our company. And every time we have been able to deliver the final result much above the expectations of our clients who prefer outsourcing their web designing works to us.

Creating Computer Based Training (CBT) Program – A Roadmap

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