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The biggest problem people in marketing face is not their inability to write an ad (there are professional copy writers like us to take care of that) but rather their lack of understanding what is a good ad for them. Just because the ad copy may have poetic rhythm, imagery, sound, and lyricism does not give it any surety that it is perfect for achieving its mission. By creative, we don’t mean lots of artistic “masala” thrown in good measure to give a great look and feel and make the client feel really proud about it only to find out later that it is really lousy in creating any impact whatsoever. By “Creative Marketing” we mean developing advertising for you that achieves its purpose in the most innovative manner. Our creative marketing solutions help your company get extensive online exposure and reach the prospective clients. With Web 2.0 redefining the way marketing is done over the internet, we ensure that our creative marketing solutions are finely tuned to keep pace with the fast changing ways people communicate today.
Landing Pages
Landing pages are the web pages that greet you when you click a link or an advertisement. It’s a page that can make or break your link with the customer, literally! If the landing page is convincing and compelling enough, the customer feels encouraged to contact you for more information or order online. If it fails to impress, you stand to lose the customer. We specialize in writing and designing landing pages that engage the visitor and more often than not convert her into a buyer. We develop compelling copy and attractive design to ensure that you don’t lose potential customers and end up burning holes in your pocket to pay for clicks that don’t convert to sales. Every landing page is copy written after meticulous research into the features and benefits of your product or service and your company’s corporate identity. A landing page is nothing less than a full scale advertisement and in a pay per click (PPC) campaign it is quite the deciding point for a customer. Hence, we make sure that the design and content both take into account the positioning and branding strategy of your organization and the particular product/service being promoted in the web marketing campaign. Let the work speak. Take a look at our landing pages and you will have no hesitation in deciding just whom to approach for your requirements.
Squeeze (Capture) Pages
Creative squeeze or capture pages are short pages that are used to whet the curiosity of the prospective customers and get their contact info (name, email, phone number etc.). This is the page that greets your prospective customer when she clicks your ad in a pay per click (PPC) campaign. Once she fills her contact information she is redirected to the landing page where she gets more details about your product or service. Autoresponder messages are automatically sent to her email at regular intervals helping in improving conversions. Take a look at our squeeze pages. You will know what phenomenal difference they can do to your business.
Banner Ads
High impact banner ads are very effective in spreading the word around about your products and services and branding your organization online. Inclusion of audio in the banner ads improves the impact on the viewers. A banner ad is considered most successful when it compels the visitor to click it, come to the site and make a purchase. However, that’s not the only way in which a banner ad is considered effective. Even if it fails a “click-through”, often visitors to the publisher site happen to consciously make a note of the ad and decide to visit the advertiser’s site at some other point of time. In other words, it makes the visitor aware of the advertiser’s product/service and he is able to recall it later. This is what we call branding. Our banner ads are designed perfectly in tune (in terms of both design and copy) with the positioning and branding strategy of your website and more often than not successfully attract the visitor to your site. Check out how our creative banner ads can help make the impact online for your business.
Sidebar Ads
A tall sidebar ad (also known as a skyscraper ad) is also an effective means of online advertising, considered by many as having more impact than a banner ad. This is primarily because a sidebar ad, which is vertically oriented (a banner ad is horizontally oriented) offers a larger space to talk about your product/service. It also stays with the visitor longer than a banner ad because you cannot scroll it away from the screen. Also sidebar ads tend to enjoy a higher click-through rate. It is estimated that a regular sidebar ad would attract a click-through rate of 1 percent (10 clicks per 1,000 impressions), or about two to three times that of a banner ad. Hence, they have higher branding power and command a higher price from advertisers. We design targeted sidebar ads and targeted banner ads for you and have them (or a winning combination of both) placed in strategic websites with related content, which ensures a higher click-through rate besides enhancing your brand equity. Check out how our creative sidebar ads can help make the impact online for your business.
Mailers are an effective and creative way of marketing your products or services online. We prepare creative mailers for your products or services and send it to the prospective clients. Our creative content writers prepare catchy copy and our designers imaginatively design the mailers keeping in view the taste of the prospective clients. We aim to ensure maximum exposure and sale of your product online. Take a look at how our attractive mailers encourage the reader to act on the offer given.
Submissions In Blogs and Forums
Earlier in the nineties, most sites offered information published by their owners. Although that still is the predominant feature of most sites, the advent of new technologies such as Ajax and RSS is allowing more and more sites to include or focus on content types that anyone can contribute, share and use. Our creative marketing techniques focus precisely on this word-of-mouth aspect, leveraging the increased interactive modes of communication such as blogs, forums and product reviews to promote your products/services and enhance your brand equity online.
RSS Feeds
If you are a content producer who wants to make your content available via syndication, RSS feeds have now become a must thing. Wikipedia describes RSS as “a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated digital content, such as blogs, news feeds or podcasts.” For syndicating content of news sites and “news-like” sites or news-oriented social networking sites or even personal weblogs, RSS has become the most popular format. Almost anything that can be broken down into discrete items can be syndicated via RSS: for instance, the “recent changes” page of a wiki.

Our efficient team of programmers ensure that your rich content is readily accessible to users via syndication. Take look at our RSS enabled sites.

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