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CS-Cart Guide: DOs and DON’Ts for CS-Cart Developments

June 14, 2021 | Wisitech InfoSolutions DOs and DON’Ts for CS-Cart Developments
Selling online is the new norm and you need the best technology to help you set up your eCommerce. With eCommerce, you can reach a bigger audience and generate more profit. However, there is a huge competition in play as well. You need an easy consumer-friendly unique design for your website. The CS-Cart development services are known to be one of the leading e-commerce marketplace solutions. CS-Cart Multi-Vendor gives users all the benefits that an online store would require right from the start with an extensive list of features available. Moreover, CS-Cart also shares specific up-to-date guidance to help you build the best online store. Here are the Dos & Don’t guidelines as shared by the CS-Cart Development.

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1. Don’t Change Inbuilt Core Files of CS-Cart/Multi-Vendor

All the files that come with CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor by default are called core files. These are open-source software, meaning that you have access to any file, see its inner workings and customize them according to your needs.

Now, having a customized software may sound like the best idea, restrain yourself from changing the core files. Instead, you can make indirect changes via add-ons. CS-Cart advises remaining “admin.php for security reasons right after you install CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor”.

If you attempt to tamper with the core file, the software may malfunction in some way or another. There can be compatibility issues and you may get continuous notifications of a bug. Here’s what might happen during the upgrade attempted with a modified core file according to ‘’:

  • The core file gets overwritten and you lose your changes.

  • Some other file gets changed, and that change affects your modification, resulting in a bug.

  • Things can get problematic even without an upgrade. With a modified core file, you may face issues with third-party add-ons, even if they are absolutely compatible with your version of CS-Cart.

How to Resolve CS-Cart Installation/Upgradation Issues?

  • Disable other add-ons to make sure that the problem isn’t caused by them.

  • If you applied some modifications directly to core files, revert them.

  • If you have accidentally removed or replaced some default codes, you need to contact an expert CS-Cart development company. It will be a hassle to restore things and you need to leave things to the professionals.

CS-Cart developers at Wisitech have hands-on experience in CS-Cart theme development and PSD conversion, CS-Cart Shopping Cart development, and integration into CS-Cart. Hire CS-Cart designers from Wisitech and get a customized website without having to deal with any difficulty.

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2. Modify & Customize Your CS-Cart/Multi-Vendor Website Indirectly

Professional CS-Cart developers know how to customize the software according to your unique requirements hassle-free. The key is to do it with compatible add-ons. The installation and configuration of CS-Cart are easy and the use of the application does not require any development knowledge. However, the customization and upgrades call for professional help.

The recommendations for modifications are:

  • Use hooks to create your own add-ons that extend functionality. As all the files of the add-on are stored separately in folders with their names, it’s easier to keep track of the changes you make. You can also revert the changes and restore them with just a few clicks.

  • Clone the themes and edit the clones instead of modifying the default themes directly. Clone your current active theme and just copy the corresponding files from the parent theme to the clone theme and edit those files there.

Need Help for Your CS-Cart customized eCommerce website? Our CS-Cart customization expertise in the shopping cart and multi-vendor development allows you to optimally use its highest functionalities. Wisitech helps you to ensure easy management of unlimited products, multiple languages and payment methods, superior inventory tracking, one-page checkout, and more. Contact Now!

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