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CS-Cart MarketPlace Review 2021: Is it Right for You?

August 25, 2021 |

CS-Cart MarketPlace Review 2021: Is it Right for You?
As a highly customizable eCommerce platform, CS-Cart is still one of the most feature-rich storefront structures available in 2021. But with its complexities and technicalities still evident, would you ever be able to make use of all of it? In other words, is CS-Cart good for you?

This article will take a hard look at critical feature sets of this still-popular e-store format and whether these features hold up to the all-important tests of convenience, simplicity, and the ability of the application to manage and maintain itself. We also answer the important question of whether you need CS-Cart developers or developer agencies to leverage the maximum utility and profits for your online business.

To begin with, you’re probably using CS-Cart to create your own online marketplace because you’re tired of markets like Amazon, eBay, or Etsy shaving off as much as 30% off your revenues along with subscription fees and sundry other charges. That significant expense is, in all likelihood, the number one reason why small businesses migrate to their own platforms after they’ve successfully obtained initial visibility.

But after getting used to having a third party handle everything from abandoned cart marketing to shipping and fulfillment, you would want not just the same features as before but also the freedom to design and move around your logos and headers, lengthen and enervate your product descriptions, and provide immersive product experiences – all the while maintaining mobile responsiveness and fast page loads.

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is well-known for the following features:

  • Manage Inventories and Orders in Bulk & Pass on this Functionality to your Vendors
  • Customizable Cataloguing and Categorization
  • Manage Multiple Channels
  • Integrate CRM, ERP software easily
  • Manage Cloud, SaaS Migrations
  • Built-in Designing Tools
  • Blocks, Themes, Menus
  • Highly Customizable with Modifiable Source Code including the Core
  • Mobile Responsive Storefront & Native App
  • Initial Free Support Period with 3-day TAT
  • Over 1000 Readily Available add-ons to Extend Functionality, Track Sales, Manage both Buyer and Vendor Funnels
  • 350+ CS-Cart Developer Companies Around the World
  • Active Community Support
  • Easy-to-Use Admin Panel
  • Easy Integration with MailChimp, QuickBooks, Stripe, Connect, PayPal, Google Shopping, FedEx, USPS, etc.
  • Drag-and-drop User Interface

Bugs, Cons, and Criticism for CS-Cart

CS-Cart is a self-hosted e-commerce platform. This means it’s cheaper to operate and set up and you also get full control. But you lose out on the time and effort it takes to run and maintain your e-commerce website.

Users have previously complained about the processes of adding items to a shopping cart and installing updates as being buggy. However, considerable changes have been made in the newer version.

Note that CS-Cart doesn’t advise changing the core source code. Changing the core is what causes most bugs, especially when you update. Instead, it is safer to use extensions and add-ons. If you can’t find an add-on for a function that you need, let a CS-Cart developer create one for you. You can also use programming hooks that allow for the insertion of external codes into the platform. This line won’t be changed even if you upgrade.

You can easily check if core files were changed by going to Administration>File Changes Detector.

CS-Cart also does not advise modifying an out-of-the-box theme. If you have to tweak a theme, make a separate theme. You can easily make a clone of your current theme in CS-Cart’s Admin Panel.

CS-Cart Web Server Requirements

CS-Cart Web Server Requirements

There are just two main requirements according to CS-Cart. Your servers must use PHP version 5.6 or above. Here’s a complete list of compatible PHPs for different CS-Cart Multi-Vendor versions. The other requirement is MySQL 4.1 or higher.

CS-Cart runs best on UNIX or similar OSs. Out of those servers that support these PHP and MySQL versions, Apache and Nginx are particularly well-supported. Adherence to these will ensure maximum scalability, security, and performance.

Is CS-Cart Safe to Use?

Is CS-Cart Safe to Use?

CS-Cart lets you host your data, configurations, and files on your own hosting servers. This is because CS-Cart is available as a downloadable as well as on a SaaS platform. Self-hosting means that the onus of keeping your data secure lies with the hosting service provider.

That being said, CS-Cart has received well over a hundred updates since its inception and it keeps getting updated by an active developer and support community. CS-Cart website users are advised to only install recommended add-ons, updates, and themes. If you have to use a CS-Cart development company to run shop, use one that has trained and experienced developers. Follow best security practices such as secure authentication and trusted CS-Cart developers.

Wisitech’s Verdict on CS-Cart:

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor rates the highest on customer satisfaction lists for its Product Catalogs & Listings features as well as Multi-Site Management. With 35000+ stores and 500+ features, and over 1000 add-ons available, this is definitely the most ideal platform for businesses that have started small but want more flexibility in scaling up or down.

That being said you need experienced hands to get the right combination of form and function from this all-new, powerful platform for online shopping in 2021. Call an Expert for a FREE consultation today.

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