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Archives – A Proud Success of Developing Customized Job Site in Laravel Framework

March 27, 2017 |
churchHive web application on Laravel Framework

Laravel developers at Wisitech have successfully designed, developed, customized, deployed and maintained the churchHive web application on Laravel Framework

churchHive, an innovative job search site that bridges the gap between churches in the USA and people looking for church jobs is one of Wisitech’s latest and complex projects designed, developed and deployed on Laravel framework.

The Challenges of ChurchHive Job Site

  • To build a dynamic and user-friendly website where churches and candidates connect and communicate for church job openings.
  • To build a dynamic website as a secure and user-friendly platform for churches to share job openings and for members to find suitable church job positions.
Laravel is one of the recent developments in the PHP world, having become the most sought after and powerful PHP web application framework. Wisitech designed and developed the churchHive website on the Laravel framework that has enhanced the level of efficiency where it is easier to post job openings and browse suitable job positions. Our team of highly efficient Laravel developers at Wisitech have successfully designed, developed, customized, deployed and maintained the churchHive website. Church Jobs Find Your Ministry Match Job Site  

Unique Customizations done for churchHive built on Laravel PHP framework:

  • Our dedicated and enthusiastic Laravel developers integrated a user-friendly chatting system feature in churchHive just like the leading online workplace where church and the candidates can communicate easily.
  • We developed a dynamic, pre-defined, all requirements fulfilled questionnaire that is easy to use for churches and candidates.

Design and Technology Customization on Laravel

Appealing, user friendly responsive web design. The admin can customize its look and feel. We customized Laravel using the following technologies:
  • PHP 5.6.*
  • Blade template engine
  • JQuery
  • Javascript
7 Top Reasons for Choosing Laravel Framework for Complex Online Networking Services
  1. It’s fast, secure, and reliable.
  2. Built-in authentication and authorization for enhanced security.
  3. MVC architecture facilitates better documentation.
  4. Faster development and customization
  5. Flexible migration options, dynamic error handling and logging for effective management.
  6. You can declare new events in the application using ‘event object’ using Laravel 5.
  7. Route caching speeds up the application route registration
Check out more details on our Laravel Development Services. Call us today for a FREE Evaluation of your Laravel Development needs: Wisitech US Toll Free: 866.202.9593 Wisitech Toronto, Canada: 416.577.8178 Wisitech New Delhi, India: 011.4651.6521   Or reach us on the email: partho.m@wisitech.comchurchHive web application on Laravel Framework

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