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Customizing WordPress and WooCommerce: The Bowdabra Success

May 31, 2017 | Antara Nanda Mondal, the online showcase and store of the famous craft tool Bowdabra Bowmaker is a shining example of the level of hi-end and complex customization you can do with WordPress and WooCommerce.

Bowdabra founder and CEO Sandy Sandler, the inventor of the original Bowdabra and bow wire products, came to us with some specific requirements – to revamp her two websites and and seamlessly connect the two to enable users to effortlessly traverse between two websites without hassles.

Bowdabra Products

To implement these upgrades, we chalked out the following requirements:

* Customizing WordPress theme development
* Building user-friendly and appealing Bowdabra Store for the products
* Upgrading websites to become responsive and optimized
* Enabling upsell and cross sell with customized prompts through the sites
* Installing third party payment gateways
* Integrating email clients
* Configuring search with targeted keywords.

Customizing WooCommerce is our expertise and we kept our objective sharply in focus. It was critical to ensure that the products received optimum exposure and the user is able to pick his/her chosen product or select a combination of products for a kit without multiple clicks.

We customized the design and layout to make the look and feel appealing, engaging and give the user a great shopping experience.

Landing page with clearly defined categories and products

In the Bowdabra Store landing page, we displayed the categories with the products neatly arranged.

Conditional Free Shipping

We created a custom module to apply shipping charges only for purchases upto $79. Purchases over $79 in value would enjoy FREE shipping.

As a popular craft tool with a massive potential for creative DIY, Bowdabra offers two types of membership which we implemented with all required conditions:

Free membership – Free membership allows the user to use the coupon code that comes with every pack of Bowdabra and become a member.

Paid membership – To enable users to become members even if they do not have a coupon code, we customized membership approval in a way that such users could pay a nominal amount to become members.

Ease of Use for Admin

Knowing that the sites will be operated by an entrepreneur who has a flourishing business to run and would need a user-friendly admin, we customized the complete user dashboard according to the client’s requirements.

Fast loading Websites

We optimized the complete WordPress structure to make the both the websites load faster. Each page was optimized to load at lightning speed.

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