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Amazon Marketing FAQs

What is Amazon SEO?

In simple terms, Amazon SEO is all about getting found on Amazon by your targeted buyers. How well you manage your Amazon SEO strategy depends on how you crack Amazon's A9 Algorithm, that powers search and advertising on the world's biggest shopping platform. It is about making your presence visible in a marketplace that witnesses something like 1.2 billion ads requests a day reaching millions of customers.

How do you do SEO on Amazon?

SEO on Amazon will depend on 2 KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) which determine how you will rank in Amazon search:

  1. Sales Performance
    How well your product is builds a strong sales history
  2. Keywords Relevance
    How well your product content (enriched with relevant keywords) matches search queries by users

Is Amazon Search different from Google Search?

Yes, it is. Amazon Search is powered by A9 Algorithm, which in plain terms means if you have done a search on Amazon, you have used the A9 search engine. Google search is powered by Google search algorithm. While Google's aim at best user experience possible, Amazon aims at best buying experience.

How important are Keywords in Amazon SEO?

Keywords hold the key to visibility on Amazon. If your keywords research is laser-focused to sync with the needs of your target audience, your keywords will match with the relevant search queries of your buyers and your products will show up high in search results.

How do I research keywords for my Amazon listings?

This is a specialized field. We use various tools combined with in depth market study, product analysis and competition research to handpick a selected set of keywords most relevant to the product as well as user queries.

Will Amazon SEO help me get sales?

Certainly! Most people visit Amazon with an intention to buy. Once you get your Amazon SEO right, get found in Amazon search results and you have a compelling sales pitch in your listings, you should get good sales. Check out our Amazon Marketing Plans that will help you get the sales.

What is Amazon SEO Consultancy?

Amazon SEO Consulting is to advise the seller about how best she can leverage content in her Amazon listings to leverage the A9 Algorithm and boost sales.

We consult you, advice you, handhold you and guide you that will help you:

  1. Maximize Sales
    Strategic SEO of each listing helps spectacular sales growth with strategic optimization
  2. Get Found
    Making you visible to your target audience by leveraging Artificial Intelligence that intuitively catches product preferences of users
  3. Competition Research
    Determine price points, sales pitch, positioning and branding for best results
  4. Amazon Content
    Best exploit Image Optimization, Title, Bullets and Description Optimization, Search Terms and Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)
  5. Amazon Store
    Present your best products in your store that reflects your branding, corporate identity and product basket
  6. User-generated Reviews
    Generate customer reviews. This tops paid advertising, as users rely on reviews by other users more. Excellent for brand building
  7. Effective Sales Campaigns
    Effectively use Amazon's special sales to increase visibility and sales
  8. Increase Sales with Amazon Live
    Generate excitement and sales with Amazon's live shopping stream - Amazon Live
Let us help you get the sales! Check out our Amazon Marketing Plans or fill the form on the right to request a FREE Consultation.

What will Amazon Listing SEO involve?

Amazon SEO will involve some or all the following, depending upon the package you buy:

  1. Keywords Research
  2. Title Optimization
  3. Bullets Optimization
  4. Description Optimization
  5. Image Optimization
  6. Search Terms Optimization
  7. Sponsored Listings (PPC) Campaign
  8. Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)
  9. Amazon Customer Reviews
  10. Amazon Question and Answers
  11. Amazon Store Optimization
  12. FBA Management

Is it a one-time Amazon Optimization fee?

Depending upon the package you choose, it can be a one-time fee for one-time listing optimization or a monthly maintenance package to drive sales growth month-on-month.

What kind of sales growth on Amazon can I expect?

Over the past 12+ years we have consistently achieved double-digit sales growth month-on-month for our clients. We are confident of achieving similar results for you.

Do you guarantee sales growth? Is there a money-back guarantee?

No one can guarantee sales on Amazon. We are not here to promise you the moon. We will give your realistic projections after studying your products and the current level of optimization. There is a high likelihood that will achieve our goals and targets.

There is no money back guarantee.

Is there a fixed contract?

There is no fixed contract. You may exit any time.

How much time do you need to show results in terms of Amazon search engine rankings or sales growth?

Sales growth and search engine rankings can reflect positive results even within a couple of weeks of optimization, sometimes within hours as well. Generally, we require a minimum time of 2 months of optimization to show sales growth corresponding to the projections.

Let us help you get the sales! Check out our Amazon Marketing Plans or fill the form on the right to request a No Obligation FREE Consultation.
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