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Etsy Marketing Services & Listing Optimization

by Expert Etsy SEO Consultants

  • Higher Rankings, Greater Sales
  • Laser Focused Keywords Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Unique, Optimized Titles, Descriptions
  • Strategic Keyword-enriched Tags
  • Crisp, Compelling Sales Copy
  • Image Optimization
  • Targeted PPC Campaigns with High ROI
  • Etsy Store Setup and Optimization
  • Promotion in Etsy Communities

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    Repeat Clients
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    Clients Worldwide

    Etsy Marketing Services

    What You Get?

    Selling a product on Etsy depends on how well you are proficient to depict your product, listing, and all important details. Boost your rankings on Etsy search engine to increase sales and profit through Etsy marketing services and Etsy SEO services by Wisitech.

    Whether you've been on Etsy for 10 years or 10 months, if you're not achieving your sales goals, Wisitech is here to assist you with Etsy SEO optimization services for your Etsy store. We are a leading Etsy Marketing Agency based in Delhi, India, and we extend our services to clients in the USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Our dedicated team of Etsy experts includes technical wizards and Etsy SEO experts who provide marketing services tailored to enhance your Etsy experience.

    • Keywords Research

      This is a part of SEO for Etsy. Handpicked carefully selected keywords using qualified tools specializing in Etsy keywords searches, Google search.

    • Etsy Product Title

      Title optimized within accurate length with relevant and targeted keywords.

    • Etsy Product Tags

      Tags written within specified length to optimize search results for the product.

    • Etsy Product Description

      Engaging and accurate descriptions optimized with targeted keywords. We write each product description with an engaging story and all features elaborated in detail.

    • Etsy Shop Optimization

      Every section of your Etsy store is optimized with keywords and compelling text including:

      • About Page
      • Announcements
      • Banner
      • FAQs
      • Shop
      • Policies

    1 Product
    10 Products
    20 Products
    50 Products

    Managing Etsy Ads (PPC Ads Search Campaign)

    What You Get?

    At Wisitech, we analyze and optimize your Etsy shop from all angles to ensure that we provide you with the best services and results. Our efforts in Etsy marketing services constitute a significant part of enhancing your visibility and success through Ads and SEO on Etsy. We also strengthen every aspect of your Etsy presence, including your shop, each product page, titles, tags, images, and more. We have a team of Etsy experts dedicated to the online success of your business, including SEO professionals, skilled copywriters, marketing experts, and Etsy SEO consultants.

    • Achieve increase in number of orders from Promoted Listings

    • Achieve increase in Conversion Rate

    • Ensure reduced Cost Per Click

    • Achieve higher sales

    • Expert Bids Management to ensure higher profits

    1 Product
    10 Products
    20 Products
    50 Products
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    for Ecommerce, Web & App Development Services by 1200 clients on over 9000+ overall projects.

    Etsy SEO Services and Store Optimization

    Market Analysis & Research

    To ensure best results, we thoroughly review your Etsy shop, including all the listings. We analyze your competitors selling similar items.

    After understanding your market and target audience, we conduct detailed, products specific keywords research to determine what buyers are searching for in Etsy.

    Etsy Promotion on Social Media

    We improve your Etsy shop's visibility on social media sites with multiple posts on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Our team takes time to craft powerful posts that remain true to your brand while it appeals to your audience and ultimately enhance your shop's visibility.

    Etsy Ads Management

    We are experts at managing Etsy paid ads campaign. We take brand advertising to the next level with Etsy PPC ads that raise awareness of your shop, increase views, favorites, clicks and revenue.

    Etsy Listing Optimization

    We ensure your Etsy shop comes up in the search results by optimizing the titles, tags and descriptions of all listings with relevant keywords that buyers are searching for.

    Etsy Shop Announcement, Title & Section Optimization

    We build emotional connection with your potential customers by writing keywords enriched, creative content for your shop announcement with a strong call to action.

    We use clear and concise keywords in your shop sections to help increase your SEO rankings. Your shop title is the first thing that Google reads on your Etsy shop's page. We make your title keyword enriched that engages your potential customers and induces them to click the Google listings.


    • SEO for Etsy improves your Etsy store's visibility in Etsy Relevancy Searches.
    • It makes Etsy Promoted Listings work for you in the face of increase sales and profit.
    • SEO services for Etsy store boost your rankings on Etsy search engine.
    • It increases traffic to your store.
    • SEO for Etsy helps in recovering from lost rankings.
    • It improves visibility in other search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing).

    If your aim for your Etsy shop is high, hiring the expert SEO services for Etsy store SEO such as Wisitech can eliminate the need for a learning curve and have your store benefiting from having advanced SEO on your Etsy listings, giving you more exposure in no time.

    We are one of the leading Etsy SEO service provider. Our committed team comprises of technical wizards and web marketing experts who provide Etsy marketing services that help.

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    I really do believe that your team is a great team that does wonderful work! There have been some great collaboration in executing the dream I have for this site. I very much appreciate your patience with me as a client. I see it every day with your great response times, functionality and design.I do believe that the potential of this website is huge and that your team will reap the rewards of having done a fantastic work on this site. Thank you for seeing me as a valuable client. That means a lot to me.

    Editor In Chief/CEO College Lifestyles
    Shelly Marie Redmond
    Editor In Chief/CEO College Lifestyles

    Working with Partho and the team of Wisitech has changed the entire landscape of our organization. We bring to Partho and his team our goals and visions, and the team has delivered above and beyond the expectations of putting our goals and visions into action. The team is very effective and efficient. I know questions will be answered and work will be completed in a timely fashion.

    founder & ceo blooming greens
    Sachin Kulkarni
    Founder & CEO, BloomingGreens

    Get on top of Google search results, AdWords, Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, Walmart and Wayfair searches. Leverage Social Media to create buzz with posts and paid campaigns. We tailor laser-focused campaigns with high RoI.

    Our Story

    After 25+ years as a reputed ecommerce store development company, we can safely say, we've been there and done that! At Wisitech, we strive hard to ensure our clients feel completely at home. You get a full-service ecommerce web development, ecommerce store development, web design, SEO, app design and development and marketing solution under one roof that saves you the trouble of juggling a number of providers.

    Your goals are our targets. Our highly experienced online store developers and tech experts strive to offer you strategic consulting that helps you to choose the most suitable technology, design, content and marketing for your online store solutions. Leave your headaches of development and maintenance to us. Trust us with your sales targets. You will be amazed at the results we will get for you.

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    "When I founded Wisitech in January 1999, I believed we were at the right time to ride the crest of the digital wave as the World Wide Web exploded. We've stayed ahead of the technology trends to offer solutions that help our customers walk the web wisely and avoid the pitfalls. From ideation to design, from development to marketing, we partner you with a 360 degree approach. We know what works and will ensure it works for you."

    Partho Mondal, CEO, Wisitech
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