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PPC Management

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Google AdWords Management for PPC Marketing with Good Conversions

Reach out to your target audience and achieve your conversion goals with Google AdWords Management service offered by experienced PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Marketing professionals from Wisitech.

As a leading PPC management company, we give you a unique advantage over the competition leveraging our 15+ years of experience in delivering Google AdWords management services to companies ranging from start-ups and SMBs to established enterprises. We help you drive ROI by achieving your goals within a minimal PPC advertising budget.

With cutting-edge PPC management solutions, our AdWords Certified Professionals help you to bid at the lowest possible Cost Per Click (CPC) rate and save you from losing money on unproductive campaigns.

Why to Choose Us Over any other Pay-Per-Click Company?
  • We offer you the widest market reach by thoroughly analyzing the demographics of your target market.
  • We help you gain high return on your investment through overall PPC management- the right keyword strategy, perfect planning and the right structuring of your PPC campaigns. We structure your paid search marketing strategy in way that filters out unproductive keywords and selects the high performing keywords.
  • We write persuasive, moving ad copy, and give you a well-written landing page to make your prospects click through and buy your product. We try to give you a seamlessly perfect solution to be rewarded with a good sales rate.
  • Our pay per click ads management services include the ongoing monitoring and optimization of your campaigns, to continuously improve on results and take maximum advantage of changing circumstances.
  • Our AdWords management services save you from getting involved in a keyword bidding war with your competitors. Our high-end management tools prevent human and automated click frauds.
Our PPC Management Services Include
Select Keyword
Write Ad Copy
Design Landing Page
Split/Multivariate Testing
Monitor Conversion Rate

Optimizing Results

Conversion – Turning your visitors into customers is as much a concern for us as it is for you. To maximize your PPC advertising performance, we put bid only on the right selected keyword phrases. You get a greater click-to-client conversion ratio for a lower cost-per-click.

This is possible for us because we use a testing and optimization platform that helps us to do statistical analytics both on the landing page and PPC campaigns to see what helps in online conversions.

  • Split Testing is the process of using 2 different ads for the same keywords, measuring performance, deleting the weaker one, and following the process again. Essentially, it is a process of continuous improvement.
  • Multivariate Testing is a more sophisticated approach that we use to track the use of various keywords selected for your campaigns. With Multivariate (or multivariable) testing, you can test many changes simultaneously (as compared to A/B split testing). It allows you to test multiple page variables at once and also lets you use more than two variations for each variable. Testing multiple changes simultaneously can save you time, speed up your optimization schedule and increase your ROI.

Our experience helps us to select what converts best whether it is for your landing page or for your campaigns. We give you detailed reports on the performance of your keywords that will tell you exactly how your campaign is doing. We collaborate with you and accept your inputs regarding the positioning of products and services you market because none but you understand your business best.

Our comprehensive and focused Google AdWords marketing services are geared to take your online business to the next level. With us, find out what more you can do to grab more opportunities.

What Else We Do for Google Adwords Management?

We also do website development, develop high-impact content, provide e-commerce solutions, develop e-learning solutions and do effective usability testing. The success we have achieved at creative marketing and multimedia reflects our sound design principles and creative spirit that has taken us so far.


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