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Disadvantages and Advantages of Social Media Marketing

May 21, 2013 | Pankaj Sharma
Disadvantages and Advantages of Social Media Marketing

If hackers can break into social media accounts of renowned companies, the others’ are at risk too.

Social media has emerged as a strong marketing and advertising tool in the last few years. Be it a start-up company or an established organization, all have their Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin profiles in place to share their every new launch and offers on these social media websites.

Twitter is the front runner when it comes to run live online promotion campaigns.

Companies ask users to tweet their promotional keywords prefixed by a hashtag (#) and allure them with attractive prizes.

Lured by the prizes and offers, people start to tweet and retweet their hashtag-prefixed keyword – referring to a new product or service. Soon it becomes a trend on Twitter and their target audience gets the information regarding the product and features.

No doubt social media marketing is a strong promotional tool but it has also got a dark side associated to it. With a host of benefits it offers, there are some pitfalls that may become a nightmare for the marketers if not addressed.

tweet and retweet

Ambi Pur India’s #LoveAtFirstSniff and Elle 18 India’s #NailPaintsAreCoolBecause are the recent examples. You can see such deliberate company-created trends on Twitter every day.

We have come up with this blog in continuation to our previous blog, “Importance of Social Networking in Business Development”.

Disadvantages of Social Media:

Time Consuming
To get maximum benefit out of the social media, one has to proactively participate in it. You have to post or tweet frequently and interact with the people. Social media is all about online interaction with your target audience. You have to answer to the queries and convince them about the effectiveness of your products. All this consume a lot of productive time and with no direct tool to measure the effectiveness of social media in web marketing, one may turn his back towards it.

Risk of negative comments
When you use social media like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ for your product promotion, people get direct access to post their views. There is equal probability of getting both positive and negative comments. Even your competitors can post a few highlighting the negatives. Though you can decrease the impact of negative comments through quick response, you cannot nullify it.

Hackers’ Threat
Recently, following a false tweet from the Twitter account of the Associated Press, the Associated Press had to accept that their Twitter account had been hacked. The tweet that read “Breaking: Two Explosions in the White House and Barack Obama is injured” sent a shock wave across the world. If hackers can break into social media accounts of renowned companies, the others’ are at risk too.

I am not against social media but I advocate the fair use of social media when it comes to web marketing. I would only like the companies to address the loopholes of the social media so that they can draw just benefits out of it. Remember, social media is not magic gem that can help even a bad company with low-quality products and poor servicing to make profits.

The first and the final way to ensure the success of your business will always be to ensure quality of the end product and offer complete customer-satisfaction.

Advantages of Social Media Marketing

Cost Effective
Most importantly, social media sites are the most cost-effective marketing tool to promote your brand in front of existing and potential customers. It doesn’t cost anything to pin an image, tweet, or post a link on Facebook.

Powerful Tool for Brand Engagement
However, if used wisely, social media can become the most powerful tool to increase brand recognition, improve your website’s search engine rankings, boost traffic to your website and ensure higher conversion rates.

Target Specific Audience
Social media marketing lets you target audiences more effectively. For instance, Facebook ads are “geo-targeted” that let you choose location, gender, language, age and reach the specific, targeted audience.

Nobody can deny the viral nature of social media. If a user likes your post, he can spread it farther within his own network, making the post reach a larger number of audience within a short span of time.

The benefits of social media will always outweigh the disadvantages. The mantra lies in using the power of social media wisely and effectively.

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