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Empower Women with Carmine – Car Care Kit for Women Drivers – Coming Soon!

September 8, 2016 | Neha Arora
Consider this…

Carmine helps in flat tire situation

Carmine helps you be prepared to face flat tire situation

It’s a stormy evening. It’s snowing. You are alone driving on an isolated road.  Your car grinds to a halt. BANG!! You got a flat tire. The nearby mechanic is a mile away.

You love your car but you hardly understand it. For a man, it’s a not unusual to change a tire. But for ladies, it is often a Herculean task! Moreover, mechanics too more often than not overcharge especially when they see a lady behind the wheel!

Female drivers face plenty of challenges.  Unaware of how to deal with a car breakdown, flat tire, overheating and so on, they are vulnerable to being taken for a ride by unscrupulous garage mechanics. All this because women are perceived as helpless drivers who know nothing about their cars.

Carmine - Customized Car Care for WomenAll this is going to change with the arrival of Carmine!

Yes, Carmine – The customized car care kit especially designed for women. It is going to empower women drivers to be self-reliant and make informed decisions when required.

A Sneak Peek into Carmine

Carmine is a customized car care kit for women drivers that enables you to understand the functionalities of your car and what you need to do to make your own car last longer.

Carmine essentials in your customized kit

Carmine essentials in your customized kit

Carmine is like having a personal mechanic in your glove box. Each Carmine is customized according to the year, make and model of your unique vehicle.  Plus it has your car’s specific engine diagram, coolant and transmission details, an air pressure gauge, a tool kit and an emergency light. It is geared to make you stay prepared for any trouble or emergency with your car.

Your Power-packed Core Carmine includes:

  • The Carmine Organizer

  • Tire Pressure Gauge

  • Vehicle Vitals Customized to Year, Make & Model

  • Brookstone Safety Flashlight and Tool

  • Exclusive Carmine Membership that will unlock your access to:

  • Exclusive discounts and exciting new technologies for your total vehicle experience

  • How to videos by industry experts

  • Forums for discussion, etc.

whats in your Carmine

Carmine will be launched in December. A crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo will soon be launched to fund Carmine!

Why We Choose to Support Carmine?
Juggling various roles meticulously every day, women are the backbone of any society. Being a daughter, wife, mother, sister; they play all roles flawlessly. They are independent, storing individuals. However, when it comes to driving, they are considered as ignorant. So we thought, what better way to uplift and empower women than by educating them about their cars with Carmine!

Safety, Savings, Knowledge is the Mantra for Carmine!

  • Safety – Carmine is your safety net that arms you with the Auto Safety Tool Kit that includes 12 tools to help you in any vehicle emergency.

  • Savings – Carmine enables you to save money on unnecessary auto repairs and car maintenance.

  • Knowledge – Carmine provides you with all the necessary knowledge required to become an informed driver right from recommended tire pressure for your car, recommended fluids for your engine, wheel alignment specifications and so on.

How You Can Help!

We believe that together, we can really make an impact and bring about a change. Your contribution (no matter how small) can bring about a sea change!


Feedback and suggestions are welcome. Do something amazing by helping change the way women understand their cars and empower vulnerable women drivers to make informed decisions regarding auto repairs.

You can make a world of difference by making a contribution on Indiegogo, no matter how little.

Crowdfunding Campaign on Indiegogo

Your Thank You Benefits

Every contribution is appreciated.

We are offering a variety of perks to all supporters!

Our perks include:

  • A Special Contributor Thanks Credit mention in our website and social media accounts.

  • Your name or business link on our Thank You wall on the website for 1 year.

  • Electronic Carmine

  • Carmine Auto Safety Tool

  • Customized Carmine according to the year, make and model of your unique vehicle

Carmine is getting ready for a December launch. Support this unique product on Indiegogo designed to make every woman driver empowered, prepared and confident to face all their personal vehicle needs –

* car breakdown,
* flat tire situation,
* cold winter/hot weather needs,
* meet the auto mechanic
* do preventative maintenance yourself
* wheel alignment specifications
* coolant and transmission needs
and more…!

Be part of the Carmine community. It is easy and invaluable.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can’t donate monetarily, you can help pass on the word!

  • Share: Spread the word around by sharing the campaign on your social networking accounts. Tell all of your family, friends, and colleagues to share the campaign too!

  • Stay Connected: Follow us on our social media accounts. Like and Retweet our posts.

  • Ask: Refer your friends and ask them to share and contribute.

  • Profile Pic: Let your friends know that you support Carmine by changing your social media profile picture to an image showing Carmine.

Support Carmine on Indiegogo

Visit the website for more details
Carmine on Facebook

Carmine is an innovation of Alignment Simple Solutions, the makers of the leading QuickTrick wheel alignment:

We appreciate the time you have taken reading it and will keep you informed about the upcoming crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

Let’s Ignite the Carmine Revolution Together!

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