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Expert Seller Tips to Boost Amazon Sales in 2020

January 21, 2020 |

Expert Seller Tips to Boost Amazon Sales in 2020 What professional works does an Amazon optimization agency do to help you get more sales and conversions? If you have been on Amazon as a seller, this though might have come to you many a time. Here are some expert seller tips to get more customers and drive your sales revenue.

#1. Know how customers search for your products

Amazon Keywords Optimization You may have one product, but customers might search it in hundred different ways or keywords as we have illustrated above where a buyer is interested in buying a story book, but Amazon suggests a lot many phrases or word combination based on previous searches. They may be using short or long phrases to find the product on Amazon. The easiest way would be to buy some Amazon keyword research tool. Digital marketing agencies offering Amazon product optimization services have experienced Amazon SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts to do a thorough keyword research and analysis.

#2. Learn what competitors are doing

Amazon is an ocean of businesses from manufacturers to marketers to agencies. In a nutshell, you are not alone to sell any particular product. Amazon suggests buyers a range of options from different sources. Those that are displayed on the first page or first screen (the page you see without scrolling) are obviously the best matched products against the user’s search queries. Derive inspiration as what makes them the top choice of Amazon or the customers and absorb their promotional strategy in your Amazon Marketing Services.

#3. Explain your product well

Give customers strong reasons to buy your product. Focus on benefits that customers will derive from the product rather than features alone. For example, if you are selling music boxes with built-in digital module, it’s not enough to tell that it has a digital module. What benefits do customers will have with it, i.e. benefits – they can change or replace music anytime, transfer song from any device, and better audio or video and so on.

#4. Explain buyer’s intent

With Amazon, Google and other search engines enhancing their search algorithm with AI (Artificial Intelligence), NLP (Natural Language Processing) and DL (Deep Learning), it’s clear they are focusing on understanding the user’s intent and serving them with the most relevant results. Thus, Amazon not only takes into account the principal word of a search query but also words including preposition or adjective nearby it. For example, let’s examine the auto suggestion and completion of the search query listed above – Story book for kids 7 to 9 years. The intent aims at a specific age group. If your book has the content that is suitable to this age-group, you should mention it clearly in your product description. amazon optimization agency

#5. Evaluate what’s working and what not

Keep a watch on the performance of your Amazon optimization strategy. The dashboard of your Seller Central Account will help you with the insightful actionable data. You can easily learn what listing is gaining the maximum attention and what content users are liking and which page is cornering the maximum traffic share, engagement and, ultimately, the conversion you need.

#6. Keep delivery hassle-free

Customers expect timely delivery, and when it’s not done, it causes dissatisfaction. Unavailability of dedicated delivery staff, poor connectivity, transportation or other infrastructure components affect the process. To overcome all these challenges, most of the sellers go for Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) program. In this, the seller’s only responsibility is to ship the products to the Amazon warehouse. The packaging and delivery tasks are handled by Amazon. Their expertise is unquestionable and so is their service which helps you to get the orders delivered on time. Looking for Amazon FBA consulting for free, drop a query.

#7. Boost sales with paid advertisement

Similar to Google Adwords, Amazon also provides businesses a platform to advertise their products with paid pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. It helps you to position your products against the user’s search query on the top of other search results or you can highlight your products against rivals. The advantageous positions help you to get the attention of buyers directly and get maximum conversion. Talk to an Amazon PPC consultant to know the PPC budget and way forward. Want to know more or looking for Amazon Store Optimization ? Hire professional Amazon SEO Experts at Wisitech for the best Amazon SEO services.

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