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Facebook Canvas – An Exciting Tool to Lure Audience for Digital Marketers

July 19, 2016 |

It’s no national secret that people spend a great deal of time on their smartphones. Right from booking movie tickets, answering mails, to browsing Facebook, our cellphones have become our lifelines.

As a Facebook user, how many times have you experienced slow load times when clicking on ads? Answer is multiple times. When it comes to introducing new technologies in social media, Facebook has always been a forerunner. Its latest introduction – Canvas is not just exciting for users but a great tool for digital marketers too.

Facebook Canvas

So what is Facebook canvas?

Right from the horse mouth – “The Canvas is an immersive and expressive experience on Facebook for businesses to tell their stories and showcase their products.” Canvas ads work on both iOS and Android phones.

In other words, Facebook is offering Canvas as a fast loading, interactive new ad feature for brands that enables businesses to showcase their products and services in an exciting format. It’s a full-screen experience that commands users’ attention and guarantee better engagement with the sharp angles and appealing images.

Users can watch full-screen ad with multiple slides and a link that directs them to your site complete with a call to action. Facebook Canvas is a new way of letting brands tell their story in an engaging way that existing and potential customers will enjoy and ultimately lead to conversions.

Why should digital marketers take Facebook Canvas seriously?

Facebook Canvas Ads

Increased conversions

Regular Facebook ads when clicked, open a new window that normally take several seconds to load. This often lead impatient mobile users to abandon the ad before even seeing it. That’s a sheer waste of whole lot of efforts and money.

On the other hand, a Canvas ad opens inside of Facebook rather than making the users leave the social network and wait for a site to load. It is an immersive, rich media ad format that takes virtually no time to load. That implies you connect with your prospective audience effectively and quickly.

Boost engagement

Engaging your target audience is a top priority for marketers in a digital world. With thousands of ads flooding the social media every day, it is easy to get lost and ignored. With Canvas’ sophisticated visual features and interactive elements, you can build a captivating storytelling sort of experience for your customers.

With a full-screen interactive canvas along with video, animations, carousels and tilt-to-view panoramic images, you can transport your users to an experience that is hard to ignore. In fact, as per Facebook’s early testing results of Canvas, 53% of users viewed at least half of the ads (some of the top ads had 70 seconds long view time per user).

Online selling made easy and quick With Canvas advanced features, you can add product catalogs and crispy Call To Action on your ads “Buy now” or “Click here to Shop” that directs users to your website or straight to a check-out page. It’s almost like putting a small dummy website at your customer’s thumb on their social network.

No intrusion Facebook Canvas ads are engaging but not intrusive. How many times has it happened with you that you accidentally clicked on an ad that took eons to load? With Canvas ads, you always know that you are inside the social network and you can simply swipe left to leave an ad and return to your News Feed.

It’s easy to create The best part about Facebook Canvas is that it doesn’t require any knowledge of coding. All you need is a great interactive content and along with attractive images, you are set to build an ad that triggers an emotional response in their customers and ultimately result in conversions.

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Facebook Canvas Ads

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