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Finding It Hard To Get Published? Try The Ebook Format

August 3, 2009 |

Amazon Publishing Specialists

Ebooks, or books in electronic format have become a popular medium for publishing, thanks to their convenient format, instant and easy distribution and cost-effective price range. While the most popular format of ebook publishing continues to be PDF, other mediums are in vogue as well. Readers can receive ebooks by email or download them from the Internet. Many ebooks are distributed free as well, but the premium ones come for a price.

The electronic age has made it possible for anyone to access an e-Book and gain knowledge or information about anything. People will buy an ebook when it contains information not available elsewhere or if they need to get hold of the information immediately.

For a writer, ebooks are the easiest way to get published without spending a tidy sum on getting hard copies published or chasing publishers.  You can even transform content from your blog, collect and collate it into a high-quality ebook and sell it for a price over the internet.

However, creating or selling an ebook is not as easy as it sounds. Honestly, most ebooks available today have too little information, bad English and worse graphics. Simply collecting some content, organizing it into chapters and throwing in some formatting for a good look does not make a quality ebook.

When you write an ebook it must be best in many aspects. To start with, you can consider the following points:

  • First and foremost, you must choose a topic you are knowledgeable and passionate about.
  • Before writing an ebook you need to research the topic thoroughly. And only after you are through with the research, you must chalk out a plan for the ebook, outlining the subject area, the topics you want to cover, the information you want give out and so on.
  • Your ebook must address the problems and concerns of a well-defined target market. Avoid junk information and too much of irrelevant content.
  • Provide information that is time-sensitive or subject to change as it is likely do well in ebook format. Or even information that satisfies an immediate need or impulse of the audience also sells well when available in ebook format.

Once the drafting of the ebook is complete you need to concentrate on the package part so that it impresses the reader. Just as people judge books by their covers, ebooks are no different. A good and impressive cover of an ebook reflects a professional approach and assures the buyer that the content inside would be of value.

Now think about the launching thing: creating buzz, recruiting and managing affiliates, writing a sales page.

You can start promoting the ebook on your existing website by putting a link of the ebook there. Or you can write and distribute articles on the topics which you have explored in your ebook and promote the ebook’s title in your author byline.

Amazon Publishing Specialists

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