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Flutter Android App Development: Why to Choose?

June 9, 2020 |

Flutter is emerging as one of the leading platforms in the tech world.  Introduced by Google, Flutter is driving a revolution in the growing world of businesses. This platform has everything to back you up with perfect tools and techniques to create great mobile applications. A power-packed feature platform based on the Dart language of Google; Flutter can offer a strong framework for mobile app development. Flutter has the potential to work as an ideal choice to develop a good application with great performance.  

Flutter Application Development Service




Flutter is here for some time now and is hailed as the game-changer in the cross-platform applications. The number of apps developed using cross-platform native app development framework is growing and it is becoming a topic of much excitement.

It is one of the most trending open source UI frameworks which helps mobile app developers to create a cross-platform app suitable for iOS as well as Android devices. Flutter is the only available framework with mobile SDK offering reactive style views without using any JavaScript bridge. It offers a totally different and new architecture that enables extensible and customizable widgets. Here are a few reasons to choose Flutter for app development: –

Moreover, Flutter is utilized for building applications in different areas. Entertainment, eCommerce, education, utility, social, health, and wellness are some of the areas wherein Flutter has been trusted for outstanding UI.  




Flutter lets developers write code once and use the same code for both Android and iOS. Using one code helps to create an app on both platforms that means developers do not need to code separately for both the operating systems. This helps them quickly enhance app quality, design, and speed so that a large number of users get connected with the applications.




Flutter comes with the ‘Hot Restart’ or ‘Stateful Hot Reload’ option to foster the productivity of the developers by letting them see and evaluate their changes within the second. The changes to the app structure can be seen in a few seconds. The functionality simply refreshes the app UI straight away like a webpage hence saving up to 40% of the developer’s time. 

Furthermore, the app built using the Flutter platform takes less time for quality assurance. It shows the quick results which mean changes can be seen immediately and one can make the changes while app runs.




Flutter has a variety of default widgets that are integrated to create an app. This proprietary disposition of gadgets can be personalized for building UI squares. Flutter widgets have the mindfulness to optical details and that is the reason it’s utilized by most of the significant brands for application advancement. 




Usually, when an error is found in an application, the entire app stops functioning and that makes a developer’s work difficult to locate the error and to rectify the issue. Although, it isn’t the case with the apps created using Flutter. It also uses more than one widget and integrating it makes a whole new app. If there is an error in the particular widget, then only that widget and its subparts are affected while others work fine. This really helps in handling errors in no time 




Flutter platform does a remarkable job by being fast and seamless and Dart programming language. With this programing language, it is possible to make the most of the framework, and make applications not only fast but also efficient, consuming less CPU time and battery. Dart can also do object assignment and trash assortment without locks. As Flutter applications are assembled to local code legitimately, they don’t require any extension between the UI segments and programming language. That is the reason an application constructed utilizing Flutter delivers seamless performance. 




Flutter shared slight similarities with the React Native, which is a JavaScript-based framework for building mobile app UI. Considering flexibility and customization, Flutter delivers a rich set of customized widgets to create outstanding experiences. Flutter keep your app one step ahead in terms of execution, look and feel of the UI segment, and is utilized for web development also.

The aforementioned benefits of the Flutter make it perfect for cross-platform mobile app development. If you are planning to create an application for android and iOS platforms, choosing Flutter UI development will be the right decision. Before doing so you can learn more about how flutter changed the mobile app development industry?


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