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Good Quality Compelling Ad Copy – The Key To PPC Success

April 6, 2009 | Neha Arora
Advertising on the internet has come a long way from the initial days of banner ads. Online advertising now offers a variety of proven and smart tools which, if handled intelligently, can become great revenue sources.

Pay Per Click (PPC) is one such highly successful means of advertising on the World Wide Web today. PPC ads are now ubiquitous and are becoming increasingly popular with every passing day. There are several reasons for this popularity:

Pay Per Click Advertising Agency

1) The users get relevant information through PPC ads.

2) Advertisers pay only when the PPC ad is clicked. If you get this right, you will be able to avoid irrelevant clicks to a large extent and get mostly qualified leads.

3) If the keywords are not performing well in the PPC ad, you can make required changes in the PPC ad as often you want.

4) PPC ads are more target-oriented. The ads are shown only to the searchers who type the keywords you have targeted.

5) Considering PPC ads focus on specific target audience, they guarantee more conversions and higher ROI (Return on investments).

However, in order to ensure that your PPC campaign runs well, you need to write successful PPC ads with good quality compelling and persuasive ad copy which would guarantee high Click Through Rate (CTR).

PPC ads that have compelling copy are able to attract a greater number of relevant clicks when you are running PPC campaigns in either Google Ad Words or Yahoo Search Marketing.

Here are some useful tips to help you write high performing PPC ads:

Make it keyword rich

It is important to incorporate keywords in the headline of the PPC ad. If the PPC ad contains the keyword the searcher has typed in the search query, the keyword in the title is displayed in bold. For example, if the searcher types ‘designer shoes’ in the search box, then your PPC ad headline would display as:

Buy Designer Shoes at Low Price

This makes the searcher believe that the site contains the information he/she is searching for. And this prompts the searcher to click on the ad. It is equally essential to include keywords in the description.

Target specific keywords

There is no point in writing one PPC ad for all the keywords. Divide the keywords into groups and target specific keywords. For example, you have a bridal store which sells wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses as well as flower girl dresses. Then you should create different set of keywords and then write separate ads for wedding dresses, bridesmaid dress and flower girl dresses.

Write ads with your target audience in mind

Before writing the PPC ad always think or ask yourself what is it that your target audience is looking for? Think from the point of view of the customer. Delve into their minds, identify their needs and demands and then you would know how to position the features and benefits of your product/service in your PPC ad which would attract your customers.

Write eye catching headline

Headline is of prime importance in the PPC ad. After all headline is the first thing that the searcher would look at. Therefore try to create a headline which is catchy and attention-grabbing. Though you don’t get

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