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Google Announces Springboard App and Redesigned Google Sites – An Early Adopter Program

June 17, 2016 | Wisitech InfoSolutions A new tool in the market Springboard tool, coming from none other than the leading search engine Google is all set to put the right information at your fingertips. So what’s new, you may ask. Google has been at the forefront of placing qualified information at our fingertips for years now.
Well, this is a bit different from the regular one. Google’s Springboard is a search engine built for enterprise customers that puts the right information at your fingertips. Google is an established leader of Enterprise Search in the Internet world. It helps in sorting corporate data and in converting it to more useful information. Google has partnered with some of the largest companies in the world and believes in investing in technologies like machine intelligence which powers search engines.
Google Springboard App
The key features of Springboard are
  • Ability to search across all of Google’s apps
  • Easy Scanning of Gmail, Drive, Docs, Contacts, and Calendar and all that users need.
  • Assists you proactively by providing useful information and recommendations throughout your workday.
A totally rebuilt Google Sites

Google Sites don’t get updated as frequently as Chrome or Google Photos. But the actual fact is that it’s more even popular than you think, with approximately 240 million active users or even more.

The brand new launched Google service that is Google Sites has been redesigned to look user-friendly and interactive. With the new Google Sites, you can build functional and beautiful pages to collect and distribute content across your organization. New Google SitesThe key features of new Google sites
  • Interactive and intuitive user experience for building websites
  • Easily drag and drop elements around each site.
  • Use it to quickly build things like guides and how-to manuals for colleagues
  • Automatically resizes images to look perfect across all devices. The new Sites also include different and attractive themes and layouts
  • Works on Google’s estimable machine intelligence technology
  • Extremely collaborative like Google Docs.
Google Inc. has been testing both services with a selected list of customers. You can try the versions with your organization by signing up for Google’s early adopter programs for Springboard and Sites. If you have trouble doing do you can contact us for complete Web solutions.

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