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Headlines can make or break your presence on Twitter

April 27, 2009 |

SMO Services Catchy and well written headlines go a long way in creating the right impression about your company on Twitter. You want to say many things about your company but with Twitter you have to restrict yourself to just 140 characters. Yes, just 140 characters and you can create a viral buzz if you get them right! Headlines can often make or break your attempt to garner attention towards what you want to say or share. If you get your headline right, you can create an instant impact among your readers and followers and build traffic towards your website or generate interest in your products/services. It is now a proven and tested fact that quality content can make a huge difference in promoting your products online, in website branding and attracting new business opportunities. But to achieve all this, your content must be first viewed by the readers for any further action. How you can make kindle interest in readers and make them read the content posted by you on your Twitter account? A good headline can give you a solid beginning in good content development and attention building. On average, 8 out of 10 people first read a headline and if it attracts them they read the whole content. On Twitter, the importance of a headline is as much as in a newspaper. Viewers or readers don’t have much time to read everything that comes in their way. They have their own needs and interests on the basis of which they view, share, read and follow on the net. If you can place a finger on the pulse of your target audience with your engaging content development, their enthusiasm and response will carry you far.   And on Twitter as the competition is really high, you need to smartly grab the attention of your targeted audience within a very limited time and space.

Which brings us back to our moot point – headline, headline, headline! Before writing a headline, remember that it should have any of these ideas:

•    Some useful information for the reader.

•    Make the reader believe that there can be no better offer than yours.

•    The main USP of the product or service is highlighted.

•    The headline must be as short as possible due to character constraints.

Keep these points in mind during the content development and see how your headline gets spread on Twitter with more and more followers joining you, which in turn will help you loads in website branding as well.

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