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How Amazon FBA can Help Increasing Sales During COVID-19 Pandemic

July 16, 2020 |

Amazon Marketing Service What brings customers to Amazon? What makes them proceed to the checkout? What they expect when they place their orders? Besides an array of product choices that this leading eCommerce platform offers, trust, and peace of mind are the key factors. And, Amazon FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) is a key service element that contributes towards it.

Wisitech, the leading Amazon marketing service provider, explains how FBA can be useful for your Amazon store during COVID-19 Pandemic.

Run Your Business without Renting a Warehouse

Covid-19 has badly hit the economy. People are trying to cut their expenses. Amazon FBA is a great idea to curb not just the warehouse rental, but also the accompanied expenses like utility bills, pest-control, manpower and sanitization expenses. Hope you don’t disagree! 

Let fulfillmentcenters of Amazon handle your goods. FBA charges you according to the space or volume (Storage per cubic foot per month) occupied by stored items. It’s a Pay-as-You-Go subscription like thing. You can manage the space with Amazon FBA as per the ups and downs in your business.

Attract More Buyers with Discounted Shipping Rates

Sixty five percent of consumers who took part in a survey by the National Retail Federation expect delivery to be free even on orders under $50. This intention increased up from 68 percent a year ago.Further, 39% expect two-day shipping to be free. Customers are more likely to switch their online stores when the free shipping is not provided. Amazon FBA helps you get more customers by providing free shipping option. Products with Amazon FBA appears at the top of product listings. It complements with your Amazon SEO services. Prime members can take advantage of Amazon Prime Free Two-Day shipping on your items. Rest of the buyers can also receive free shipping on eligible orders.

Free from Packaging Hassles

Amazon FBA includes Picking and Packing Your Orders. It saves your time and effort. Focus on maintaining the inventory, managing the finances, and understanding emerging business demands. When goods are not part of FBA, store owners have to buy packaging materials, pack the ordered items as per the specifications of Amazon, and hand it over to an Amazon delivery agent, or get the items shipped yourself with some courier service. Due to its repetitive nature, it becomes tiresome, particularly when social distancing is important to avoid the spread of Covid-19 infection. Amazon FBA provides a way to skip the risk without disrupting the delivery and fulfilment process.

Take Advantage of Amazon’s 24/7 Customer Service

Customer Service has a more lasting effect on business profitability. Opinion about the kind of experience customers have while shopping with you matters to your next customers. According to a marketing With FBA shipment, you enjoy Amazon’s acclaimed customer service. Amazon provides omni-channel support to customers via phone, messaging and web-portal. Customers can seek answers regarding the delivery of their order by contacting 24/7 platform. They can track the package by getting logged in to their Amazon account. Real-time status and timely response bestows confidence in customers, and is critical to brand’s loyalty. It also frees you to focus better on managing other parts of your operations.

Handle Product Returns with Care

Returns are an additional burden. Amazon FBA handles your product returns with great attention. Customers can conveniently return items when they don’t meet their expectations. You don’t have to arrange for reverse logistics, which is a challenging job due to traffic and other restrictions imposed due to the pandemic. 

Smooth return, exchange or refund with Amazon FBA helps you build a positive experience with customers. It’s important you contain the anger or dissatisfaction of customers who are not happy with the delivery because a negative review or rating can impact your future sales as well.

In a nutshell, Amazon FBA adds impetus to your Amazon marketing and customer service and helps you increase your sales, which is important to thrive during- and post-COVID-19 world.

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